Do Tortoises Smell? [What Do They Smell Like; Is It Bad?]

Tortoises inherently smell bad. This is because they excrete a foul smelling fluid from their cloaca. This fluid is made up of bacteria, sweat, and urine. It is also full of ammonia which can cause a strong smell.

The smell of tortoises can be a cause for concern in some cases. Owners may decide to simply get rid of the tortoise if it smells bad. However, this is not always necessary as the smell can usually be eliminated by cleaning the tortoise regularly. ..

What Do Tortoises Smell Like?

Tortoises inherently smell, substrate cage use hay tortoise likely smell, use hay tortoise likely, owners tell smell like substrate, people wrongly assume, damp usually bad, substrate cage use hay ..

What Causes Tortoises To Smell Bad?

Rotten Food

Tortoises habit dragging food quiet corner enclosure can quickly rot and smell bad. The enclosure should be kept clean and free of food to avoid this happening. If the tortoise starts to drag its food around, it may be trying to hide it from predators or other animals who may want to eat it. This can lead to the food being hidden away from view and rotting quickly.

Dirty Food And Water Dishes

Water dishes for tortoises can harbor scum sides dirt and stink, so it is important to clean them regularly. The dish should be filled with fresh water and left out for the tortoise to drink from. If the water dish is not cleaned on a regular basis, it will harbor scum sides dirt and stink which can cause health problems for the tortoise.

The food dish should also be cleaned regularly. If left uncleaned, it will also harbor scum sides dirt and stink. The food dish should be filled with fresh water and left out for the tortoise to eat from. ..

Damp Substrate

A tortoise's urine has a strong odor, but it also has a slightly smelly smell. The urine left the tortoise's cage after it was bathed. The tortoise's shell rotates quickly in a warm environment, so the bacteria that live in the tortoise's urine will multiply quite rapidly. Make sure to dry the tortoise thoroughly before placing it back in its enclosure.

What To Do If Your Tortoise Smells Bad

If you are experiencing an unpleasant smell coming from your tortoise's area, it is important to get them checked out by a veterinarian. This could be an indication that your tortoise is suffering from an infection, and may need antibiotics to treat the problem. Additionally, if your tortoise is prone to rubbing their shell against objects, they may be injured and in need of treatment. If you notice any broken bones or other signs of injury on your tortoise's limbs, it is important to take them to a vet as soon as possible for treatment. ..

How To Keep A Tortoise Enclosure Clean

Tortoise enclosure cleaning requires use of detergent soap and a regular cleaning schedule. Remember to wash your hands when handling the tortoise and to keep the enclosure clean. Trace harm to the tortoise by handling it incorrectly and you may also smell its food or water. odor control is important in keeping the tortoise healthy and happy. You will need to refresh its food and water every day if you want it to thrive.


If you have a pet tortoise, you may be wondering why they smell bad. Tortoises generally have a smelly body and skin, but they come out with the best of news – their living conditions are usually clean and their natural scent is healthy. In fact, some tortoises even have the ability to produce a healthy offspring! However, if your tortoise doesn’t get enough water or air, their skin can become dry and itchy. This can lead to fungal overgrowth on their skin which can cause them to stink!

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