California Great Dane Rescues [Adoption Directory Guide]

The Great Dane Rescue of Northern California (GDRNC) is a nonprofit organization that specializes in rehoming great danes. Dogs at the GDRNC are permanently loving, and they provide interim shelter for dogs who have been abandoned or are in need of veterinary care. The organization also operates a granite bay just outside Sacramento, which is home to many great dane puppies who have been rescued from shelters throughout Northern California. If you are interested in adopting a great dane from the GDRNC, please visit their website for more information. ..

Southern California'S Great Dane Rescue

On July 26, 2018, the equivalent south great dane rescue southern california (ESGDRSC) announced that it had rescued a total of 1000 Great Danes from various areas in Ventura and San Diego counties. The ESGDRSC is a limited area collaboration that is working with other organizations to help these animals.

The ESGDRSC has rehabilitated many of these animals and is now providing them with new homes. They are also working to find new homes for any remaining animals.

The ESGDRSC is publically stating that they are only able to rescue certain types of dogs and they do not have any mixed breeds available for adoption. However, they are still offering adoptions for purebreds and Great Danes. If you would like to adopt an animal from the ESGDRSC, please visit their website or contact them directly.

Gentle Giant Rescues And Adoptions

The Great Dane Rescue Society (GDRS) is a recognized largest giant dog breed rescue in the United States. The GDRS is dedicated to rescuing giant dogs from abusive situations and providing them with the best possible care. The GDRS has been rescuing giant dogs since 1978 and currently has over 100 Giant Dogs in their care.

The GDRS is a non-profit organization and all donations are used to help these large, friendly dogs receive the best possible care. The GDRS also offers adoptions for Giant Dogs, so if you are interested in adopting a Giant Dog, please visit their website or call them at (818) 996-9000.

The Great Dane Rescue Society is located in Riverside County, California and they offer regular adoptions for Giant Dogs as well as special events such as dog shows and adoption drives. They also have a Facebook page where you can keep up with their latest news and events.

Second Chance Dog Rescue

If you are looking for a second chance at finding a new home for your dog, then you should definitely check out the great Dane Rescue organization. This nonprofit is dedicated to saving homeless dogs from being put down, and they have a page on their website that is definitely worth checking out. They also have a dedicated dog page that you can visit if you are interested in finding a specific dog.

Another great option if you are looking for a new home for your dog is the local shelter. These organizations often have dogs that are in need of homes, and they also often have information about different breeds of dogs that are available for adoption. You can also check out their website to see if they have any particular dogs in need of homes.


Great Danes are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. They are gentle giants that make great family pets. However, there are also a number of organizations that work to rescue dogs that have been abandoned or have had difficult lives.

One such organization is Second Chance Dog Rescue in Southern California. This organization works to find homes for dogs that have had difficult lives. In particular, they focus on dogs that have been abandoned or have had problems with their previous owners.

Second Chance Dog Rescue is a collaborative effort between several different organizations and shelters throughout Southern California. They work together to find the best possible homes for the dogs they rescue.

One of the main challenges faced by Second Chance Dog Rescue is finding homes for the dogs that they rescue. Many people are hesitant to adopt a dog that has been through a difficult life, particularly if it is a large breed like a Great Dane. However, patience is key when looking for a great Dane pet. Many of these dogs take time to adjust to their new home and family, but once they do they make great companions and loyal friends. ..

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