Why Is My Hamster Not Drinking Water? [And Things To Try]

If your hamster suddenly stops drinking water, it may be due to stress. If you've just purchased your hamster or your hamster is feeling unwell, there are a few things you can do to help him feel better. Properly caring for a hamster can help ensure that he stays hydrated and healthy. ..

Does It Happen Often That Hamsters Don't Drink Much Water?

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Do Hamsters Need To Drink A Lot Of Water?

Hamsters need drink teaspoons of water per day, and 100 grams of weight for a general female hamster. The exact weight will vary depending on the breed, but a good rule of thumb is to give your hamster a drink of water every other day. Hamsters that are bred in Syria tend to drink more water than those from other countries.

Methods For Making Your Hamster Drink Water

If you notice that your hamster is looking dehydrated, there are steps you can take to encourage it to begin drinking. To encourage your hamster to drink water, try these strategies:

Refresh The Water Supply

Is Drinking Water Good For Hamsters?

Water is essential for hamsters, just like it is for humans. A hamster's body needs water to function properly, and they can get dehydrated if they don't have enough. However, not all water is good for hamsters. Tap water can contain chemicals that can harm a hamster's health, and bottled water may be too expensive or hard to find.

Instead of using tap water or bottled water, give your hamster a fresh supply of clean water every day. Make sure the water is clean by testing it first with a filter or by using a quality Hamster Water Bottle. If you're having trouble finding fresh water for your hamster, consider buying a small aquarium or fountain that can provide them with clean drinking water 24 hours a day. ..

Verify The Proper Operation Of Your Water Bottle.

If you have a small pet hamster, it's important to make sure they have plenty of water to drink. Some water bottle sticking issues can be solved by using a small metal ball as a release valve. This will help the hamster avoid getting their water bottle stuck in the cage orifice. If this doesn't work, you may need to try using a different type of release valve - such as a tube tongue - to prevent the ball from sticking.

Try A Different Kind Of Water Bottle

There are many different water bottle types available on the market today. Some people prefer ball-drip type water bottles because they are more efficient and easier to clean than traditional water bottle designs. There are also several different types of water bottle that can be caught drips, such as the water bottle type available on Amazon. Another popular type of water bottle is the cup-like design, which is often used for sports drinks or other liquids. These types of bottles often have a hole in the top that allows liquid to flow out when you open it, making it easy to clean and store.

Reduce Stress In Your Hamster And Keep Track Of

When you think about it, it’s probably not that hard to imagine why hamsters might be stressed out when they live in cages with other hamsters. They may be bullied or kept in a stressful environment, and this can lead to them becoming thirsty.

However, if you keep your hamster in a quiet and stress-free environment, they will likely drink water normally. This will make them feel comfortable and settled in their new environment, and they will want to explore it more.

If you have a new pet that is curious and wants to know everything about everything, don’t be afraid to let them explore the new environment for a little while. Just make sure that you keep an eye on their drinking habits so that they don’t get too thirsty.


If your hamster is not drinking enough water, you may need to try some steps to get him drinking more. First, make sure he has access to a clean and fresh water source at all times. Second, try giving him a drink every 48 hours. Third, make sure he is eating and sleeping regularly. Finally, if he appears to be dehydrated, contact a veterinarian for advice. ..

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