My Rabbit Follows Me, But Why? [Can/Should You Stop It?]

When you think about rabbits, the first thing that comes to mind is their cute little faces and the way they follow their normal routine. But when you think about them more closely, you may also notice that they are very eager to please. This is probably because they have been imprinted with the idea that being pleasing to someone is a good thing. Rabbits also have strong animal instincts, which means that they are always looking for ways to please their owners. When it comes time for them to eat, they will usually start by licking their owner's hand or even trying to get close. If this happens at a certain time of day or in a certain place, the rabbit will likely learn how to eat from this experience. This type of behavior is called "food-seeking." Finally, when it comes time for rabbits to fan themselves with their tails in order to cool down, they often do this because it feels good. This behavior is called "fanning."

Is It Okay If Your Rabbit Follows You?

Rabbits are intelligent animals that are known for being easy to let follow. They are also easily bored and stressed, which can promote possible letting rabbit. Ways to get your rabbit daily exercise include hopping around. This great way help the body healthy and resist the urge to sneak a second cookie. ..

Can You Get Rid Of Your Rabbit'S Follower Behavior?

If you are lucky enough to have a stop rabbit following you, be patient. If the rabbit is persistent, it may be best to restrict its day-long activity to one or two hours per day. And if the rabbit is constantly trying to get close to you, make sure that it is kept away from your toddler's playroom at all times. Finally, use loud noises and training techniques to train the rabbit on how to stay away from you.

What Are Some Signs That Your Rabbit Likes You?

The Rabbit Heart Trust is trying, luckily they have signs that tell them they have won. The beautiful bun likes to struggle and talk about how she feels. It is amazing to see how her story has touched so many people and has helped them to understand themselves better. ..

Just Plain Chilling Out

When you have a rabbit that is willing to be held, it is clear that they trust you. This trust can be translated into safety for both of you. When the rabbit flake knows that they are vulnerable, it makes them feel safe and allows them to relax. This allows them to hit their jackpot and lie exposed without feeling scared or uncomfortable. ..

Licks And Nibbles

Rabbits display affection by licking and nibbling on their partners. This behavior is usually a sign of love and shows that the rabbits are happy to be around each other. When rabbits roost together, it is a good indication that they are bonding and getting along well. ..


Do you know a rabbit who loves to click their teeth? If so, you're not alone! This behavior is usually seen in rabbits who are happy and content.

Tooth clicking is a form of communication that rabbits use to communicate with each other. It's usually seen when a rabbit is feeling happy and content. They'll click their teeth together, making a quiet sound, and their ears will perk up.

Usually, when a rabbit sees or hears their owner coming, they'll stop clicking their teeth and will start to purr. They'll also start to rub their teeth against each other, which makes that quiet 'clicking' noise again.

This behavior is usually seen as a sign of happiness and contentment in rabbits. It's often used as an indicator that the rabbit is comfortable and safe - which is why they're usually petted gently and stroked softly when they're doing it! ..


The phrase "binkying" is really adorable, and it perfectly describes how adorable bunnies are while they are binkying! Binkying is when your rabbit flips and twists while flicking its ears as it leaps into the air. I have no doubt that when you see it, you'll smile and chuckle!

Circling Your Feet

Rabbits are known for their cute little circles on their feet. These circles are called "pads" and they are used to tell the rabbit's body what type of surface it is standing on. The pads help the rabbit balance and keep its footing.

Some rabbits will show these pads when they are feeling playful or amorous. This behavior is usually annoying to humans, but it can be very cute and entertaining for a rabbit's owners.

If you see your rabbit doing this, it might be best to stop the behavior before it becomes too annoying or destructive. You can try picking your bunny up and cuddling him or her, or spraying the area with a repellent to discourage the behavior. If all else fails, consider spaying or neutering your bunny to prevent this type of behavior in the future. ..

Demanding Head Pets

Have you ever felt a gentle bump on your leg, then looked down to discover your cute pal sitting there giving you puppy dog eyes? Your rabbit is requesting head massages by doing this. I'll tell you instead of asking, I guess! They are claiming to be in command, but we both understand that the real leader in this situation is...

Other Similar Behaviors In Rabbits

Let's look at some other actions that will help you determine if your rabbit is happy or upset now that you are aware of certain signs of good behavior in rabbits.

Can I Let My Rabbit Run Around Inside My House?

Rabbits are easily able to get stuck in places where they may not be able to get out. If your rabbit is allowed to roam freely in your home, it is important that you close off any areas that are easily stuck, such as around the edges of furniture or around electrical cords. You should also keep any exposed wood surfaces tucked away so that the rabbit cannot chew on them. Finally, make sure that your home space is willing and open enough for the rabbit to run and play. This will help prevent the rabbit from getting stuck and will also help keep it curious and happy. ..


Having a rabbit hopping around normally is a good sign, but if you're wondering what the rabbit is up to, following guides can help. A wander house can be a great way to keep your rabbit safe and happy, and it can also help keep them entertained when you're away. If your rabbit seems to be doing interesting things following guides, it may be that they are just exploring their surroundings. However, if the behavior continues even after you've introduced new objects or activities into the environment, it may be that your rabbit is associating those things with safety or comfort. If this is the case, then providing those things in an enclosed space may help reinforce the positive associations. ..

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