Inactive Instagram Accounts Are They Deleted? (2022)

A recent study has shown that account inactive factors can have a significant impact on a person’s social media presence. In the study, it was found that account inactive factors such as not engaging an account or considering it inactive can lead to a decrease in followers, and also a decrease in the number of comments and photographs shared on an Instagram account. The study also found that people who follow more followers are more likely to share photographs using instagram stories.

Does Instagram Delete Inactive Accounts?

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Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos. The app has over 1 billion active users. However, there is a dormant long period time risk that can delete an Instagram account if it is inactive for a certain amount of time. This risk was highlighted by Business Insider in an article titled "How Instagram's Automatic Deletion Policy Is Ruining Accounts". The article states that "if your account hasn't been used in three months or more and you don't respond to messages from Instagram, your account will be deleted." This policy can be problematic for users who are inactive for legitimate reasons such as school or work. It can also be problematic for users who are inactive because they are not using the app regularly.

The Business Insider article cites several examples of accounts that have been deleted due to the dormant long period time risk. One example is the account of actress Chrissy Teigen. Teigen's account was deleted due to inactivity after she stopped using the app regularly. Another example is the account of musician Hozier. Hozier's account was deleted due to inactivity after he stopped using the app regularly and did not respond to messages from Instagram.

The Business Insider article also cites a study that found that "users are increasingly deleting their Instagram accounts because they're worried about being penalized." The study found that "44% of respondents said they had deleted their Instagram account at least once because they were worried about getting banned." This concern may lead some users to delete their accounts even if they are inactive for legitimate reasons. ..

How To Prevent Having Your Account Deleted?

Inactivity is Important

Logging Regularly

Account Logging Account,Like Posts Good

Using Account,Account Business Make Sure

Prevent Account Radar

Feel Secure Try Liking Random Post Photo

Followers Active Benefits Business,Month Merely Logging Feel Secure ..

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