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19 Greek Online Shops Shipping Abroad

Greek Foods And Drinks Can Be Purchased Online

Terra Pura

When it comes to Greek delicatessen, Terra Pura has it all. With a website that offers a wide array of traditional Greek food condiments, organic traditional Greek products, and fitness products gift bundles, Terra Pura is the perfect place to go for all your Greek food needs.

From breakfast items like omelets and pancakes to lunchtime favorites like gyros and spanakopita, Terra Pura has something for everyone. And if you're looking for something special, be sure to check out the gift section – there's nothing more special than giving someone a delicious homemade gift.

So what are you waiting for? Go explore Terra Pura's website today and find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life! ..

Greek Flavours

Greece is a land of many flavours. From the salty Mediterranean Sea to the sweet Aegean Sea, Greece has something for everyone. Greek flavours specialists bring you authentic taste of Greece, making it fresh and easy to find in specific Greek regions.

Careful selection of ingredients is what makes Greek food so special. Vegetables, legumes and pastries are all carefully chosen to create an astounding variety of flavours that will tantalize your taste buds. Whether you're looking for a snack or a full meal, there's something for everyone at Greek flavours. Just click away and enjoy! ..


The Greek market for those who reside in the UK is called Agora. Greek cuisine, which is highly regarded by Greeks themselves, is Agora's specialty. Authentic food and drink, special Greek treat like tsoureki and spanakopita, very specialized local pasta, and even kits for you to recreate true Greek flavors at home await!

Greece And Grapes

When it comes to wine, Greece is a land of plenty. With over 1,500 different grape varieties grown in the country, there's something for everyone to enjoy. And if you're looking for something a little more special, you can't go wrong with some of Greece's famous regional wines.

From sweet and fruity syrahs to robust ouzo, there's a wine for every taste. And if you're looking for something harder to find, don't worry – many of Greece's top brands are available online. So whether you're a wine novice or a connoisseur, there's sure to be something on offer at one of Greece's many wine shops. ..

Online Shops for Greek Fashion

Love Greece

There is no doubt that cotton clothing is one of the most popular items in Greece. It is not only stylish, but also comfortable and affordable. The country has a rich history and culture that has contributed to the popularity of cotton clothing.

The country’s natural resources have also helped to make cotton clothing one of the most popular items in Greece. GREEK RAW MATERIALS has a long history of supplying quality cotton products to Greek consumers. This allows customers to enjoy excellent quality at an affordable price.

The country’s warm climate and fertile soil have also contributed to the popularity of cotton clothing. Greeks are known for their love of comfort and they appreciate good quality clothes that are comfortable and stylish.

Greek Chic

If you are looking for a pair of stylish and authentic leather sandals, the Greek pair is the perfect option. Made from high-quality leather, these sandals are sure to make a statement. The design is classic and timeless, and they come in a variety of colors to suit any outfit.

The Greek pair also offers a great deal on their leather work sandals. These sandals are made from premium leather and have been designed with your feet in mind. They come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

If you want to add some chic flair to your look, the Greek pair is the perfect choice. They offer classic designs that will make you stand out from the crowd. And if you need help finding the right style for you, their customer service is always available to help!


There are many different types of bags out there, and each one has its own purpose. Whether you're looking for a practical everyday bag or something to make a statement, there's a bag out there that will fit your needs.

One of the most popular types of bags is the shoulder bag. They're perfect for carrying everything you need while on the go, and they can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit. If you're looking for a more formal look, consider investing in a shoulder bag that features intricate details or a luxurious fabric.

If you're not interested in carrying as much stuff with you, consider investing in a handbag instead. Handbags are perfect for everyday use, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. You can find designer handbags that are sure to turn heads, or opt for something more affordable that still looks stylish.

No matter what type of bag you choose, be sure to add the right accessories to complete your look. A crossbody strap will make carrying your bag easier, while sunglasses or lip gloss can add an extra touch of glamour. And don't forget about shoes! A pair of pumps will give your outfit an extra boost, while flats will work well if you plan on walking around town all day long. ..

It’s All Greek On Me

There is something about the timeless, greek designs that just makes you feel pampered. Whether it’s the intricate details or the overall design, these pieces of clothing are sure to make a statement. And with such a long and proud history, it’s no wonder that these designs have stuck around for so long.

From traditional dress to modern day staples, there are endless possibilities when it comes to Greek minimalism. From accessories and home decor to clothing and even accessories, there is something for everyone. And while some of these pieces may be more popular than others, there’s no doubt that they embody the spirit of Greece in some way or another.

Whether you’re looking for something unique or simply comfortable, Greek minimalism has you covered. So whether you’re in need of a new outfit or just want to add a little bit of personality to your existing wardrobe, these pieces are sure to please. And with such an extensive range of styles and colors available, there’s sure to be something perfect for everyone.


If you're looking for stylish and comfortable shoes, then you need to check out the sandalista ultimate greek footwear shop. This store has a wide range of shoes that are perfect for both men and women. You can find a variety of leather shoes here, as well as sandals and boots.

The sandalista ultimate greek footwear shop is a great place to find authentic Greek shoes. These shoes are made from high-quality materials and are designed to look good and feel great. You can also find designer sandals here, which will add an extra touch of luxury to your outfit.

If you're looking for something different, then you should definitely check out the shoe designs at the sandalista ultimate greek footwear shop. These unique designs will have you feeling like a celebrity or model!

Online Shops for Greek Jewelry

Ellina’S Treasures

Greek Jewelry Design: Seemingly timeless, classic and elegant, Greek jewelry designs are sure to impress. With a mix of ancient motifs and modern styles, these pieces are perfect for adding a touch of class to any outfit. Handcrafted locally with excellent prices, these pieces are sure to thrill anyone who sees them. ..

Greek Roots


Greek roots place jewelry is a term that refers to the many different styles and designs that are popular in the Greek jewelry industry. The term can also be used to describe the unique techniques and materials used in Greek jewelry production.

The history of Greek roots place jewelry goes back centuries, and it is clear that the art of jewelry has been a part of Greece for many years. One of the earliest examples of Greek roots place jewelry can be found on the ancient island of Mykonos. This type of jewelry was made from gold, silver, and other precious metals. It was often decorated with intricate designs and was used as a form of decoration for clothing, furniture, and other objects.

Over time, different designers began to specialize in creatingGreek roots placejewelry. Some of these designers include: Nikolaos Doxiadis, Dimitris Christidis, Nikolaos Kourkas, Giorgos Kourkas, and Yannis Voulgaris. Each designer had their own unique style that helped make their pieces stand out from the rest. Some of the most popular styles that were created by these designers include: Byzantine-style earrings, geometric necklaces, abstract pendants/bangles, and Corinthian-style bracelets.

Today’s Greeks are very interested in their country’s rich history and culture. This is evident in the way that they are shopping for Greek roots placejewelry. Many people are looking for pieces that reflect their country’s history and culture. This is especially true when it comes toJewelry design – many Greeks prefer modernity over traditionalism when it comes to their fashion choices!

As Greece continues to develop as a global center for creativity and innovation, its Jewelry industry will continue to grow! With so many talented designers working together to create unique pieces that reflect Greece’s


Kotinos jewelry is a family-owned business that has been in operation for over 100 years. The company specializes in antique and medieval jewelry, and their pieces are often considered to be charmingly beautiful. The Kotinos family has been involved in the silvermithing industry for generations, and their skills have been passed down through the generations. They are currently run by three sisters – Anna, Maria, and Eleni – and they continue to produce high-quality jewelry at a fraction of the cost of other brands. Their products are often inspired by their Greek heritage, and they believe that their products will make a positive impact on the community.

Greek Online Shops For Beauty And Cosmetics

Fresh Line

Greek company Fresh Line is known for its traditionally manufactured, hand-crafted cosmetics. They are based on age-old recipes of tried and true beauty, carried over generations and applied in modern, high-end production methods to bring you excellent quality and a feeling of the Greek touch on your skin!


One of the most well-known cosmetics companies in Greece, Apivita ("life of the bee") specializes in bee-derived products. Apivita focuses on ethically sourced and eco-friendly products for your skin and hair!


Korres cosmetics need no introduction! The internationally renowned Greek cosmetics company focuses on the properties of Greek natural ingredients to yield high-quality products for skincare, haircare, makeup, and more.

Online Shops for Greek Souvenirs


Anamnesia is a wonderful place where you can forget all your troubles and enjoy the beauty of Greece. The designs here remind you of happy memories, while the motifs are wide array so that you can find something that suits your taste. The products here are elegant and modern, perfect for any room in your home. And if you're looking for a great gift idea, consider giving an amnesia book or calendar to your friends and loved ones! ..


Phaedra is where you will find many different Greek souvenirs from several different Greek historical eras starting from Minoan Greece and getting to Byzantine or Modern Greece! There are also authentic replicas of archaeological artifacts and pottery, authentic replicas of ancient jewelry, clothing, accessories, and more.

Hercules Shop

The traditional Greek gift shop in Plaka has an online counterpart in the form of Hercules Shop. All the typical Greek mementos are available, including statuettes and figurines, pottery replicas, recreations of well-known Greek mythological scenes, games, and more.

To Me, Everything Is Oh, So Souvenir!

The Greek souvenirs offered by this contemporary gift shop strike the ideal blend between modernism and tradition! Stylish, modern renditions of traditional Greek items such as evil eye charms, classic jewelry, tableware, and decorations will give a wonderful Greek touch to your everyday life!

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