Wie Viel Kostet Ein Capital Eistee?

Compare prices: How much does Capital BraTee cost? The average cost of a 750 ml Tetra Pak is between $1,89 and $3,29, however you can get the Capital Bra Eistee in the baaboo Shop for only. All varieties are also available in an eight pack.

Wie Viel Kostet Ein Capital Eistee?

Wie Viel Kostet Ein Brate?

BraTee for a trial price at Kaufland The Supermarket then offers the BraTee for a lower trial price so that you can initially save a little money. The Eistee normally costs 1,49 Euros, but for his first purchase, he offers land for only 1,33 Euros. 15 Feb 2021

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