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Wie Heißt Ein Hit Von Alphaville?

Forever Young, also known in English as "Forever Young," is a song by the German band Alphaville from 1984 that was written by Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd, and Frank Mertens.

Wie Heißt Ein Hit Von Alphaville?

Welchen Song Singen Beyonce Von Alphaville?

They performed a cover of the 2009 Jay-Z song "Young Forever," which also features the well-known refrain from Alphaville's 1984 song "Forever Young," at the end of their performance. 16 Jun 2018

Was Ist Aus Alphaville Geworden?

Seit 1993 tritt Gold unter dem Namen Alphaville auch live auf, was jedoch bis heute von den damaligen Bandmitgliedern Bernhard Lloyd, Frank Mertens und Ricky Echolette abgelehnt wird. The band continues to release singles, albums, and remixes that are primarily sold online.

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