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What Is The Tax Rate For Grays Harbor County?

2.4% Grays Harbor County, Washington's base combined 2022 sales tax rate is 8.9%. The combined rates for state and local sales taxes are shown here. Currently, the state of Washington's sales tax is 6.5%. The sales tax in Grays Harbor County is 2.4%.

What Is The Tax Rate For Grays Harbor County?

What City In Washington State Has The Highest Sales Tax?

Handbook on Sales Taxes in Washington In addition to the state sales tax, the cities of Lynnwood, Bothell, Everett, Edmonds, and Snohomish have Washington's highest combined sales tax rate at 10.6%. (and two other cities).

What Is Aberdeen Wa Known For?

Due to its closeness to Olympic National Park and the southern extremity of the Olympic Peninsula, Aberdeen is known as the "Gateway to the Olympic Peninsula." Since the late 1980s, Aberdeen has gained notoriety as the "Birthplace of Grunge" and as the residence of Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic, two members of the band Nirvana.

What Is The Restaurant Tax In Wa?

The State of Washington imposes a 6.5% sales tax on all retail sales as defined by statute (RCW 82.08. 020). 20 May 2022

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