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What Is The Property Tax Rate In Argyle Tx?

Property Tax Rates in Denton County by City, School, and County for 2010 CityCombinedCountyArgyle 2.11% County of Denton Lewisville 2.14% County of Denton Garden Mound 2.15% County of Denton Highland Town Denton County: 2.27% 7 additional rows after that

What Is The Property Tax Rate In Argyle Tx?

What Is Property Tax In Denton County?

What is the Denton County property tax rate? The average property tax rate in Denton county is 1.90%, which is marginally higher than the 1.80% average for the entire state. If you own a home with a median value, you may anticipate paying property taxes of $3,600 annually. 25 Mar 2022

What Is The Property Tax Rate In California 2022?

Overview of Taxes in California In California, the average effective property tax rate is 0.73%, while the national average is 1.07%.

What Counties In Texas Have The Highest Property Taxes?

Fort Bend has the highest rate at 2.23%. Multiply the rate by the property's appraised value to determine your tax bill. 9 Sept 2022

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