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What Is A Alabama Luxury Tax Token?

About the 1930s. State Tax Commission of Alabama. tax token for luxury. has a diameter of 2 cm. In numerous American states during the Great Depression, sales tax tokens were fractional cent devices used to pay sales tax on extremely tiny purchases.

What Is A Alabama Luxury Tax Token?

Are Tax Tokens Worth Anything?

Sales tax tokens tend to be junk box material, often selling for a dime or so. However, some expensive kinds have been sold for as much as $500.

When Did They Stop Using Tax Tokens?

Most states that issued tokens had stopped using them by the end of the 1930s, however Missouri kept using sales tax tokens far into the late 1940s.

How Much Is A Tax Token?

Most tax tokens sell to collectors for $1 to $5 US dollars. Some tokens are worth more than others.

What Is A Oklahoma Tax Token?

These tax tokens were first distributed in 1935 and were composed of a variety of materials, including cardboard, metal, fiber, and plastic. One "Mill" (which was worth one tenth of a cent) could be used to cover the fractional taxes imposed on lesser purchases. For the state of Oklahoma, this 5 Mill fiber tax token was made available.

What Is A Kansas Sales Tax Token?

Kansas only produced a two-mill sales tax token, in contrast to Oklahoma, which also provided a one-mill token. Two tenths of a penny were represented by this token. It made it possible for a kid purchasing a double-scoop, 10-cent ice cream cone to pay the correct sales tax. Without tokens, any tax that was less than a penny would require a penny to be paid. 14 Apr 2017

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