Welche Tarife Gibt Es Bei Aldi Talk?

The Tariff Optionalities Packet S: 1 GB costs 2,99 Euros, and 2 GB costs 4,99 Euros. Paket M: 2 GB costs 4,99 Euros, and 5 GB costs 9,99 Euros. Paket L: 2 GB costs €4,99, 5 GB costs €9,99, and 8 GB costs €14,99. 1 GB of the Musik-Paket M costs €2,99, and 2 GB costs €4,99. Music-Paket L: 2 GB cost €4,99; 5 GB cost €9,99. 1 GB costs 2,99 euros with Internet-Flatrate S. •28 Jul 2022

Welche Tarife Gibt Es Bei Aldi Talk?

In Welche Netze Kann Ich Mit Aldi Talk Kostenlos Telefonieren?

Aldi-mobile Talk's communication network The current partner is "O2 Telef├│nica." Eplus had been the network supplier for a while. However, both mobile networks in Germany were combined after O2 took over. The reply is: You make calls, play games, and browse Aldi on O2-Netz (E-Netz).

Was Ist Der G├╝nstigste Aldi Talk?

The most affordable plan, the new ALDI Talk mini tariff, offers a flat rate for calls to all other ALDI-Talk cards for 2,99 € every four weeks.

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