Otto Taxi Dessau

Otto Taxi Dessau is a luxury taxi service that offers its customers an excellent experience. The drivers are always polite and the cars are clean. There are also many different services that Otto Taxi Dessau can provide its customers, such as transportation to and from the Airport, transfers to other places in the city, and more.

Otto Taxi Dessau

What is Otto Taxi Dessau?

Otto Taxi Dessau is a taxi company in the city of Dessau, Germany. The company has been in business for over 40 years and offers taxis to the general public as well as businesses. Otto Taxi Dessau also provides transportation for members of the military and other government officials.

Otto Taxi Dessau: History and Profile

Otto Taxi Dessau, a taxi service in the city of Dessau, was founded in 1892. The company has operated continuously since that time, and is now one of the leading taxi services in the area. Otto Taxi Dessau has been known for its quality cars and services, and has been able to provide excellent value for your money.

What is the current situation with Otto Taxi Dessau?

According to the yellow cab company Otto Taxi Dessau, it is currently in a difficult situation. This is due to the fact that the company has been unable to renew its lease and as a result, their business is slowly deteriorating. The current state of the business means that many people are having to find other ways to transportation around town.

What are the benefits of using Otto Taxi Dessau?

Otto Taxi Dessau is a great taxi service that can take you to any destination in the area. It has a wide range of prices, and it offers excellent customer service. You can also use Otto Taxi Dessau to get to your workplace or school.


Otto Taxi Dessau is a business that provides taxi services in the city of Dessau, Germany. The company was founded in 1953 and has been providing taxi services to the city of Dessau ever since. The company has a wide variety of cab models and can provide a taxi service to any destination in the city. Otto Taxi Dessau is one of the most popular taxi companies in the city of Dessau and provides excellent service at reasonable prices.

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