How Much Line Should I Put On My Counter Reel?

In this instance, we really need to ADD line to the spool and INCREASE the diameter because our counter is reading more than 100 at 100 measured feet. Not just 4' however. According to our observations, changing the counter by one foot requires 8 to 15 linear feet of line!

How Much Line Should I Put On My Counter Reel?

How Accurate Are Line Counter Reels?

The majority of anglers believe that a line-counter reel is the most precise tool for measuring trolling lead lengths. Actually, since they are factory calibrated with just one line diameter and type, line counters are intrinsically unreliable. False data will be visible to anglers using different line diameters. 25 Sept 2019

What Are Best Line Counter Reels For Walleye?

The best line counter reel for walleye is the Shimano Tekota A 500. King ReKon Kast. Magda Pro Line Counter by Okuma. SG-3B Line Counter by Daiwa Sealine. Excellent drag, pros. The largest model moves at lightning speed. compact, rigid body. excellent line counter 21 May 2022

What Is A Good Trolling Reel For Walleye?

The Shimano Tekota is without a doubt the best option for trolling, as many walleye fisherman already know. There are several common reels, but the majority of them are simply too large and have too much reel for walleye. 9 Mar 2022

Can You Cast With A Line Counter Reel?

I was concerned that casting them may harm the line counter as well, but I've been casting my Abu 5500LC and 6500LC without any problems for a while now. Reels and line counters are still very functional. 18 Jan 2011

Is 20 Pound Line Good For Baitcasters?

For spinning reels, thin diameter line is ideal, but if you're using baitcasting reels, you shouldn't use anything less than 20 lb. braid. When a large fish is hooked, extremely thin line may dig into the spool or become tangled, which can result in knots and tangles. 1 Nov 2020

Are Line Counters Worth It?

Line counters are very nice for repeatability when the fish are maintaining a narrow depth range, or are finicky and don't want the erratic action caused by banging bottom from time to time, but are not an absolute necessity. 29 May 2006

Why Does My Fluorocarbon Keep Backlashing?

When too much line leaves the reel and begins to knot and loop back on itself, backlashes occur. So getting a line that stays limp and straight rather than folding and looping is an excellent technique to help avoid unmanageable issues. The majority of people agree that the best fishing line for baitcasters is fluorocarbon.

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