Ashley County Tax Assessor

Ashley County Tax Assessor, Linda Moore, has been in her position for over 30 years. She has worked her way up through the ranks and is now one of the most experienced tax assessors in the state. Moore is responsible for collecting taxes from individuals and businesses in Ashley County. Her job is difficult, but it is also important, as taxes are a vital part of government funding.

Ashley County Tax Assessor

What is Ashley County Tax Assessor?

The Ashley County Tax Assessor is responsible for collecting taxes on behalf of the county. The Tax Assessor's Office assists taxpayers with filing tax returns and resolving tax disputes. The office also provides information about county government and services.

History: Who has held the position of tax assessor in Ashley County?

In Ashley County, the tax assessor is responsible for collecting taxes from county residents and businesses. The office has been held by different individuals throughout history, with most of those appointments taking place between 1923 and 1977.
The first tax assessor in Ashley County was Augustus H. Collins, who served in that position from 1923 to 1925. Collins was followed by Neely L. Stamper, who served in that role from 1926 to 1927. Stamper was then replaced by Gussie McElroy, who held the position from 1928 to 1931.

Between 1932 and 1933, no one held the tax assessor position in Ashley County. However, on February 4, 1933, John Baughman was appointed as the county's first full-time tax assessor.

Responsibilities: What are the duties and responsibilities of the tax assessor?

The Ashley County Tax Assessor is responsible for several duties and responsibilities in accordance with state and federal law. The assessor determines the value of taxable property, collects taxes and distributes funds to the appropriate government entities. Additionally, the assessor investigates complaints of taxation irregularity and makes recommendations to the board of county commissioners regarding tax assessments.

The Tax Collector: How does the tax collector work with the tax assessor?

In most counties, the tax assessor and the tax collector work together to collect taxes from individuals and businesses. This article will describe how the tax collector works with the tax assessor in Ashley County, Kentucky.
The tax collector is responsible for collecting taxes from individuals and businesses in Ashley County. They work with the county’s tax assessor to ensure that all taxes are paid properly and on time. The tax collector also ensures that all delinquent taxes are collected by working with creditors to get payments made.

Recent Changes: What changes have been made to the tax assessor's office in recent years?

In recent years, the Ashley County Tax Assessor's office has undergone a number of changes. In January 2013, the office became an independent entity within the county government. Previously, it was part of the County Engineer's office. This change allowed for more autonomy and responsiveness to the needs of taxpayers. Additionally, in January 2014, the tax assessor's office switched to a new software system. This system makes it easier for taxpayers to file their taxes and track their progress online. Finally, in February 2015, James Womack was appointed as the new tax assessor. Mr. Womack has extensive experience in both state and federal taxation and is well-equipped tolead the office into its future endeavors.

Conclusion: Is Ashley County's tax assessor an important part of county government?

The Ashley County Tax Assessor is an important part of county government. The assessor's main responsibility is to collect taxes from residents and businesses in the county. The assessor also helps to set tax rates and approve budget proposals. In addition, the assessor is responsible for maintaining records related to property and sales taxes, as well as distributing funds collected from these taxes.

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