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Was Ist Mit About You Aktie Los?

Exchange L&S 17.860Stk. Gettex Stk. Stuttgart 17.851 10.684Stk\s. WHO YOU ARE Holding Aktienkurs. Börsenplatz TradegateKurszeit21.10.22 Eröffnung5,160EUR Tageshoch5,160EURTagestief4,850EUR 7 extra rows

Was Ist Mit About You Aktie Los?

Warum Fällt About You Aktie?

There were numerous reasons for the About You stock's poor performance, which left it with a Kursminus of 23,1% and the closing price: The online retailer cut its forecast for the current business year last week due to declining consumer demand and the disruption of the macroeconomic environment. 21 Sept 2022

Wann Zahlt About You Dividende?

When are the About You-Dividende payments made? after the main assembly beginning on the third banking day. The About You main assembly is where the dividend for the previous fiscal year is set.

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