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How Do I Calculate Tax?

Formulas for Calculating Sales Tax Sales tax percent divided by 100 is the sales tax rate. List price multiplied by the sales tax rate equals the sales tax. List price plus sales tax equals total price with taxes, or. List price plus (list price multiplied by the sales tax rate), or. Total cost with tax is equal to list price multiplied by the sales tax rate.

How Do I Calculate Tax?

How Much Is Plus Tax In Ontario?

One of the Canadian provinces, Ontario, levies a 13% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). The HST is charged on the majority of products and services, however some are exempt or receive a rebate. On July 1st, 2010, Ontario adopted the HST.

How Do You Calculate Price After Tax?

How much sales tax is there, exactly? By moving the decimal point two spaces to the left, you can convert the tax percentage into a decimal. To get the sales tax cost, multiply the pre-tax amount by the freshly computed decimal number. To determine the overall cost, multiply the pre-tax value by the sales tax amount.

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