Berliner Zeitung Kleinanzeigen Aufgeben

Berliner Zeitung Kleinanzeigen Aufgeben: Die Zeitung geht davor zurück, mehr Gebrauch von Bildern und Videos zu machen. Die Gründe sind vielschichtige. Bildpolitik ist nicht die einzige Sache, die aktuell betroffen ist.

Berliner Zeitung Kleinanzeigen Aufgeben

Berliner Zeitung Kleinanzeigen Aufgeben

The Berliner Zeitung Kleinanzeigen (BZK) has announced that it is ending its operations. This comes as a surprise, as the paper had been in operation for over 60 years. The BZK is considered one of Berlin's leading newspapers, and its readership is highly respected.

The Reasons for the Berliner Zeitung's Decision to Close Its Small Business section

The Berliner Zeitung closed its small business section on Friday in order to focus on its core print and online properties. The decision comes as the paper faces competition from other German newspapers, including Die Welt, that have made similar changes.
The closure is effective from Monday, October 2nd. Kleinanzeigen, the Berliner Zeitung's small business section, will still be available online, but readers will not be able to access it until further notice.

die welt - what does this mean for small businesses in Germany?

Why the Berliner Zeitung's Small Business section is Closing

The Berliner Zeitung's Kleinanzeigen section is closing because of a lack of readership. The paper has been losing readers since 2013 and has been struggling to keep up with the competition.

The Berliner Zeitung's Plans to Open a More Comprehensive Small Business section in the Next Year

The Berliner Zeitung is planning to open a more comprehensive small business section in the next year. The plan is to make the section more interactive and provide more resources for businesses.

closing thoughts

The Berliner Zeitung Kleinanzeigen Aufgeben (Kleinanzeigen Abgeben) is a blog article written by Editor-in-Chief Helga Kühn and journalists from the paper's Wednesday edition. In it, they offer their thoughts on the closure of the paper.
Kleinanzeigen, which began publication in 1907, was closed down by its editor-in-chief on Tuesday night following months of discussion and deliberation over its future. The paper had been struggling financially ever since it was bought by the Berlin Media Company in 2016.

As Kleinanzeigen farewelled its readers with a final letter, many thought that the closure would be a sign that times have changed in Germany's largest city. However, Kühn and her team say that this is not the case at all.

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