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Zetas In This Benz

Why didn't the DEA intervene? questioned a family of one of the Holiday Inn assault victims. Why didn't they strive to assist with all their might and authority? I think Mexican lives are unimportant. The DEA did not react to a lengthy list of questions concerning the story's findings. Instead, it sent a short statement through email: The SIU Program has shown to be a successful worldwide program for assisting host country counterdrug units capable of undertaking international drug investigations. The program's agents collaborate with the host nation's law enforcement agency on a bi-lateral basis. The DEA trains, mentors, and supports approved host country law enforcement detectives who comprise the Sensitive Investigative Units.

But, he claims, he quickly became deeply immersed in the lives of kids 1,200 miles away, and more identical films started to emerge on his For You page, TikTok's endless scrolling homepage.

George is one of the approximately 19.6 million individuals who have seen TikTok videos with the hashtag #AlabamaRush in the past week, and one of the 55.6 million who have seen videos with the hashtag #BamaRush.

On a Mexican ranch, the adolescents got six months of military-style training. According to investigators, Cardona and Reta were given $500 each week as retainers to sit and wait for the call to murder. They were then paid up to $50,000 and 2 kg of cocaine to carry out a kill. The youngsters stayed in a number of safe places across Laredo and drove around in a $70,000 Mercedes-Benz.

The DEA's involvement in the Holiday Inn assault, which had not previously been publicized, was not an unique instance. A closer investigation of the agency's Mexican SIU uncovered a decade of issues that cost people their lives. ProPublica and National Geographic released an extensive study of a 2011 massacre in and around Allende, a tiny Mexican rancher town less than an hour's drive from the Texas border, in June. The Zetas carried out the massacre there, like they did in Monterrey, and it was precipitated, according to ProPublica, by a leak of information supplied to the SIU. The death toll in Allende, on the other hand, was significantly higher. According to victims' advocates, up to 300 persons are dead or missing. ProPublica discovered evidence of up to 60.

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