Wisconsin Cheese Pizza

Wisconsin Cheese Pizza Monkey Bread

Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza

"America's dairy farmers are pleased to support the newest addition to the American Legends line of gourmet pizzas, as part of our collaboration with Domino's Pizza. We are happy that Domino's continues to innovate in a segment critical to dairy producers' profitability "Dairy Management, Inc. CEO Tom Gallagher said In addition, Domino's will develop an interactive website called "Behind the Pizza," which will take customers on an interactive journey using 10 Domino's ingredients. Customers may visit actual farms, learn about genuine stories, and earn points by playing mini-games, browsing images, or watching a brief video on how each ingredient ended up on their pizza. contains updates and information.

Domino's is now expanding on it with its first new gourmet pizza. There will be mozzarella, feta, provolone, cheddar, parmesan, and asiago cheeses in Wisconsin 6 Cheese. Some, but not all, of the cheese will be made in Wisconsin. Cheese from Wisconsin, California, and other areas is already used by Domino's. CEO Patrick Doyle said that Domino's initially addressed issues about flavor and quality, and now it is addressing worries about ingredients.

Local government leaders in the Capitol have been asked to take a lunch break and sample the first extension of the Domino's Pizza American Legends gourmet pizza line, as well as the first new product introduced in 2010.

Wisconsin is also gaining attention as a result of Domino's Pizza's newest innovative nationwide advertising campaign. The commercial, which was shot on location at Truttmann Dairy in Blanchardville, emphasizes that excellent Domino's Pizza cheese originates from just one place: America's dairy farms.

A marketing campaign that will debut on Wednesday night will emphasize the components by presenting clients in a focus group in what they believe to be an office. Its walls break down, and they discover they're on a dairy farm near Blanchardville, Wisconsin, replete with a cow and a farmer. The initial campaign was intended as an honest, direct attempt by Domino's to admit to consumers that, yes, it understood their pizza could be better (it stated its sauce was like ketchup, its dough was like cardboard), and then tell them how. Its slogan is "Oh Yes We Did."

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