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Watch Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren Reddit

Watch Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren Reddit Stream

Watch Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren Free Reddit

Askren will try to wear Paul out by leaning towards his chest while clinching. He will attempt to place weight on the back of JP's neck or Jake's forearms if at all feasible. Forcing Paul to bear Askren's weight in this manner may wear out the favored. Askren might benefit from another wrestling method. Wrestlers put their opponents in disadvantageous situations by spinning them. Although it may seem impossible, skilled boxers constantly rotate their opponents.

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Askrens boxing demands practice. Even Ben is aware of this, which is why, in a recent interview with Lowkick MMA, Askren discusses how he is learning to box and how it differs from mixed martial arts. Ben Askren also said that he would spend a week with Manny Pacquaio's old trainer, Freddie Roach, to learn how to set his feet, put together combinations, and other boxing tactics. If Askren learns the distinctions between boxing and MMA, Paul will have a tough time defeating him.

He doesn't seem to be afraid, and he appears to be prepared to put in the effort. That is one thing that has been missed in the buildup to the battle. JP puts up the same effort as any professional fighter. Yes, he is a showman, as seen by his dragging the fire vehicle down the street. But he also has a fantastic work ethic. He is not taking this war lightly, and as a result, we must treat him seriously.

How To Watch Jake Paul And Ben Askren Reddit

Performers in the tense Fight Club include Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, and Saweetie. In addition to the highly anticipated fight between Paul and Askren, Justin Bieber, The Black Keys, Doja Cat, Saweetie, Diplo, and Major Lazer will play at the Triller Fight Club event. Mt. Westmore, which includes Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Too $hort, and E-40, will also perform for the first time.

In boxing, spinning an opponent is accomplished by placing one gloved hand on the opponent's elbow. The fighter then takes a step to the side and rotates, forcing his elbow in the other way. Another terrific wrestling move Askren will almost certainly use is getting inside position, which means Askren's arms are within Paul's arms. If Ben accomplishes this, he'll be able to strike Jake in the chest and waist, as well as uppercut JP in the jaw. Because Paul's arms and hands are in an awkward posture, everything he throws will be ineffective.

During his MMA career, Ben Askren was known as a 'Funky' wrestler. Because of his grappling talents, the former NCAA Division 1 wrestler established a phenomenal 19-2 record. Throughout his career, though, Askren's striking was regarded as his poorest weapon. This is one of the reasons why Ben Askren is a tremendous underdog in comparison to Jake Paul. The Problem Child is a -175 favorite, according to MyBookie.ag, despite having a perfect 2-0 professional boxing record.

TrillerFightClub.com sells the pay-per-view for $49.99. The whole fight card is also accessible via major cable and satellite TV providers such as DirecTV, Verizon, Spectrum, Dish Network, and others.

If you are not in North America, you may buy from FITE online and watch on any computer, tablet, streaming dongle, or smart TV. Mobile applications are accessible from Download the FITE mobile applications for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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