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Tyler Perry's Sistas Season Episode 6

Fatima, who was unexpectedly supportive of Jake's plan, stopped the unproductive talk. Do what you have to do, she said to Zac, who cautioned her, "I will fk the st out of this old white woman." Don't mess with me. Unfortunately, the love affair did not work out. While Zac tried to drink himself to insanity, Fatima interrupted his second hotel meeting with the senator's wife to make sure she understood what she was getting herself into. Fatima then threatened to expose her for blackmailing Zac, which would harm both her reputation in the D.C. scene and her pending divorce.

I accidentally discovered this program and have since watched every season and episode. They went into a brief intermission and then came back hard. All of the characters are fantastic! I really hope Maurice finds true love; we don't need any more relationship trouble. Mr. light brilliant and Andi, huh. Maintain Zack's relationship with Fatima. Karen, I adore Cray Cray. Sabrina is hilarious. I want to see Preston and the realtor on a date, and Dani witness them... more vert lmfaoluciana shipp April 15, 2020, improper flag

Unless there is a kid involved or some form of workplace connection, when a pair on television splits up, one or both of the brokenhearted lovebirds departs far away.

Fans of Tyler Perry's Sistas know that the immensely successful BET evening drama isn't like other TV shows, which is why Gary won't leave Andi alone, even if they're no longer engaged. Gary continues showing around after humiliating her for participating in a threesome with Robin and moving out of her flat.

Karen is still unsure about her emotions for Zac and Aaron, and she and Zatima have been reconciled. Everything is covered in our Tyler Perry's Sistas Season 4 Episode 17 recap. Aaron has a game not only with the pencil and sketchbook, but also in the bedroom. Aaron and Karen are enjoying an intense and passionate moment when the daughters interrupt, eager to know about Karen's doctor's visit. During the conversation, they realize she has no idea who the father of her child is. Aaron departs, wanting to give her time to sort out her emotions for him and Zac. Congratulations to Aaron for refusing to be reduced to a consolation prize by Karen. She subsequently tells the girls that she is still unsure about her emotions for Zac and Aaron. Sabrina shares her own secret to her pals, revealing that she is dating a real-life prince.

Tyler Perry'S Sistas Season 4 Episode 6

Tyler Perry'S Sistas Season 2 Episode 6 Dailymotion

Was that it? Really??? Season 1 was fantastic! I didn't start watching till S2, thus after a s1 binge, I gladly payed for 2. Sorry, but it was simply a lengthy drawn-out version of a heated mess. (The oval is the same but worse.....As if something new happened! Please!) I stayed watching because I was expecting that, since she is allegedly EDUCATED, she was allowing him back in with a covert plot to screw that moron UP! or anything like that! I'm not interested in continuing where things left off! I honestly believed there had to be one more episode. There must be! And when it didn't appear, I searched it, and there you have it! Oh no, man. They're all so foolish, each in their own way....and they haven't done anything to make me care for these women any more. sorry. They could have done much better.

Fans of the program may watch Sistas season 2 episode 19 on BET at the above-mentioned hour. If you missed the episode on television, you may watch it on BET's official website and the BET app. If you do not have a cable subscription, the program is available on live TV services such as DirecTV, YouTube TV, Philo TV, Fubo TV, and Sling TV. The most recent episodes of Sistas may also be purchased or rented on Apple TV, iTunes, and Amazon Prime. Spoilers for Sistas Season 2 Episode 19

Watch Tyler Perry'S Sistas Season 4 Episode 6

I really like the program... I don't like how WEAK Andis' character is, and I also don't like how no one speaks out when things are easily addressed. I don't like how naive Sabrina's character is, and I'd want Dannis character to be less extreme with every emotion, but I think she's hilarious. Karen's persona is immediately realistic to me. I like these four black women's sisterhood. I just believe that if these ladies can find a happy medium for their roles on the show, it has the potential to be one of the finest. I can't wait for the next season. I hope Sabrina finds a better-suited relationship, and I want to watch Zac flourish since I believe he's a great actor/comedian. I wouldn't switch actors... I think the show is fresh, and these performers all need this first season to feel at ease in their own skin.

* Speaking of Danni, she's developing strong emotions for that FBI agent, particularly after seeing him cry at the reunion of numerous trafficking girls with their families. I found it odd that the families were allowed to go without any follow-up talks, but who am I to tell the FBI how to perform its job?* And then there's Sabrina, whose office suddenly looks like something out of Jumanji owing to Bayo's truckload of flowers. This, along with Sabrina's obvious glow, prompted Maurice to give a colorful appraisal of her post-work conduct. (5:03? Come on out. 6:30? Legs are open. 9:12? The whole Kama Sutra. Midnight? In a cave full with bats. I have no idea what that final one implies.) On the other hand, he's all for Sabrina meeting a wealthy guy, particularly because Calvin can't even buy the batteries for her vibrator. Not that she should be receiving dating advise from someone who's temporarily housing a man who robbed him at gunpoint. Choices.

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