Tundra Inch Lift Stock Wheels

This 44-5677 6 "The lift kit for Tundra vehicles kit is jam-packed with outstanding features! Starting with our ultra-strong laser cut, CNC bent, welded, and boxed sub frame drop assemblies, which not only maintain your suspension geometry in place, but also boost ground clearance by more than 2 inches "more than the competition! Our one-of-a-kind and precision-engineered iron knuckles incorporate CNC machining to ensure a flawless fit while retaining the original tie rods. The 6 "Our revolutionary and industry-leading offset spacer design generates lift. These robust steel spacers connect to the original strut, resulting in a stock ride while setting the suspension such that track width is not increased. What does this imply? It means that, unlike with other kits, your front tires will not stick out more than your rear tires. AND IT MEANS THAT YOU CAN Utilize YOUR STOCK 20 "wheels and, if necessary, use your spare tire

I assume you can't locate photos because it looks extremely stupid. Click to enlarge... Here's my 4/2 Readylift with stock (TRD) rims and tires. It doesn't seem horrible from this position, but the tires look fairly girlie from the front or rear. I only got the night shot because I didn't like the rims that were there and had to buy some, plus my tires wouldn't fit on the standard wheel. I'll show you the "after" picture on Monday. I wouldn't want to drive it this way for very long.

I had around a 1/8 inch space between the top control arm and the tire, according to raceguy3820. It cleared, but it was too late for me. I don't have the factory trd rim; instead, I have an 18-inch non-trd rim. I've had the spacer and tires on for roughly 2500 miles with no problems so far. Tire wear seems to be even. Click to enlarge... I wouldn't be happy with 1/8 inch to the UCA, but I'm good with it to my sway bar at full lock. Please let us know how they hold up after 15-20K miles. Isn't it necessary to re-torque the spacers between tire rotations? I believe the offset on all factory Tundra wheels (TRD and non-TRD) is the same. I swear I saw someone on this site riding 305/70/18 on factory wheels, so perhaps they'll chime in. Kumbas did not fit. Not all 325/xx/18 measurements are the same. Do you know anybody that runs on stock or aftermarket wheels? I was testing the boundaries of an 8-inch wheel with 305/65/18 AT KOs. I'm curious how the edges deteriorate for people using 325/xx/18 on OEM 8-inch wheels. I don't think so.

Going larger tires may seem cool, but you should restrict how big you go, particularly if you want to keep your truck's complete functioning. Bigger isn't always better since the more alterations you'll need to make as well as recalibrating your speedometer reading, the bigger you go.

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