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Star Of David Stained Glass Pattern

Summer has arrived, and with the longest day of the year behind us, we can now look forward to celebrating America's birthday on July 4th. You've probably got big plans to invite everyone over for a big backyard barbecue or pool party to celebrate. While you're out shopping for hotdogs, buns, condiments, chips, burgers, and other tasty July 4th food staples, don't forget to use your imagination to create some spectacular star-spangled 4th of July glass art to show off to family and friends when they come over. Delphi Glass has two fantastic free guides to help you unleash your creativity this Fourth of July. The Free Eagle Stepping Stone Project Guide is one of them. The hexagonal shape of the stone will be a welcome addition to any backyard, or can blog, for those with intermediate stained glass skills. Oct 12, 2010

Stained Glass Diamond Painting of the Star of David Painting of the Star of David in Stained Glass. Currently available in our exclusive Diamond Painting Prints collection. Steps for Making a Diamond Painting Kit: 1. Check the diamond draw special tools in the box. 2. Examine the diamond colors in the order of coding. 3. Using the appropriate amount of diamond adhesive, adhere the corresponding diamond to the corresponding canvas. 4. When finished, press the diamonds with a heavy book or your hand to ensure their strength.

This Glass Tattoo Stencil & Tattoo Gue product is fun and easy to use whether you are a new or experienced fuser. Glass Tattoo Stencils are handcrafted from 1/8" thick clear acrylic. Simply place the Tattoo Stencil on a piece of fusing glass, then use a squeeze bottle applicator to fill the stencil cavities with a 50/50 mixture of Tattoo Gue and powdered frit glass. Then, using an artists palette knife, level and smooth the Tattoo Gue, and add any additional decorative components such as stringers, coarse fit, and so on. Then, lift the stencil straight up to reveal your magnificent work.

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