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Star Of David Crochet Pattern

Star Of David Kippah Crochet Pattern

Keeping the Kippah (Free pattern) A stunning blue and white pattern with a star of David. Child's Red Hearts Menorah (Free pattern) With this menorah play set, youngsters can learn about Hanukkah and light the candles themselves. It is perfect for an intermediate beginning crocheter or someone who has already produced amigurumi.

Pattern has been tested and approved.

For the discerning individual, tapestry-style weaving creates a nicely formed kippah (yarmulke). By increasing the number of rounds or knitting in a lighter-weight yarn for a baby or young kid, this design may easily be extended to child-adult size (fingering suggested with a C hook). Otherwise, you may simply change the width by adding or subtracting a few rounds.

Kippah (Yarmulka) crochet pattern - Craftgrrl - Where Crafters Unite! LiveJournal DAVID KIPPAH DIRECTIONS STAR 1. Chain 6 with first color, slip stitch into first chain to make circle 2. Chain 3, triple crochet, chain 2, then five times *triple crochet twice, chain 2*. To finish the circle, slip stitch into the third chain from the top. 3. Slip stitch into the gap left by the next chain 2.

Alibaba.com has 1694 kippah crochet goods in its inventory. There are several different types of kippah crochet to choose from, including 100% polyester, polyester/cotton, and 100% cotton. You may also choose from adults, children's kippah crochet, and four seasons, spring and autumn kippah crochet. as well as if the kippah crochet is unisex, male, or female

Star Of David Kippah Crochet Pattern Free

Star Of David Crochet Afghan Pattern

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