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Speed Racer Mach Toy Car

This is the slot-car set created by Carrera of Germany—the world's most prominent slot-car company since 1963--based on the new Speed Racer movie from 2008. It was named one of Dr. Toy's Best Products of Summer. The series' two beautifully detailed 1:43 racing vehicles, the Mach 5 piloted by Speed Racer and the Shooting Star driven by Racer X, employ a specifically engineered double contact brush to create a stable connection to the track for constant control throughout a race. Both vehicles feature LED headlights that light up when racing. Each handheld control has a boost button that offers an additional 25% power boost to handle loops and enhance speed on straightaways. The set includes a double loop, junction, flyover, steep banked curve, and a challenging track length of 20 3/4' that puts racers' talents to the test in high-speed racing. A lap counter is included. ABS plastic is tough enough to survive years of racing. Plugs into an electrical outlet. The manufacturer has certified that this item complies with lead toy safety requirements in the United States. For ages 8 and older. The assembled track necessitates a 5 3/4' by 4' play space. (12 lbs.)

The F-104 Starfighter was a ground-breaking aircraft with small, razor-sharp wings. It was the first airplane capable of maintaining Mach 2 for extended periods of time rather than just brief bursts. The Starfighter set speed and rate of ascent records that remain amazing to this day. Because of its incredible speed, the aircraft was dubbed "The Missile With A Man Inside." The F-104 was acquired by 15 or more nations due to budgetary reasons. The Starfighter first flew with the United States Air Force in 1958, and the final aircraft was retired in Italy in 2004.

Of course, advertising is important in creating their brand image, and they had a room of print commercials across time: We strolled from the BMW Museum to the BMW Welt ("BMW World"), which was about a minute away. BMW Welt, unlike the Museum, focuses on current models (cars and motorbikes) as well as lifestyle and design goods.

We purchased this for my 5-year-old kid for Christmas, and he loved it and carried it everywhere with him. However, after a few weeks, he had snapped the wheel off. To be honest, the automobile is advertised as being for older children, so I'm not shocked. He enjoyed it so much that we just purchased him another one, and it hasn't broken yet after 2 months — I assume because this time I cautioned him not to play with it too hard or it may shatter again. He like it just as much the second time around, comparing it to a large HotWheels vehicle with more detail and doors that open and shut.

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