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Smirnoff Ice Spicy Tamarind Pack

Respect for tradition combined with a willingness to turn it on its head has resulted in libationary gold. Fresh Ginger Lime Rye Smash is here. Inspired by the Moscow Mule, it strikes a unique balance of spicy ginger warmth, juicy citrus hit, and a hint of 100% Rye whiskey. Not just any Rye whiskey, either. WhistlePig PiggyBack 100% Rye, winner of several awards. It's a little bit dry, like the best jokes. Exceptionally bubbly. As if they were best friends. The ideal drink before or after a summer barbecue.

Wine Futures requires a minimum order of 6 bottles per item. We will notify you via email that we have received your order request. You will receive an e-mail confirming available quantities on your order request by the next regular business day. We reserve the right to limit the quantity of wines ordered in response to a Futures request.

Combine the guaca empanada with a Spicy Tama-Rita. While tequila is commonly associated with margaritas, it does not have to be the only spirit in the glass. Sweet, spicy, and sour flavors complement the guava empanada. Plus, the Tajin rim adds a spicy, salty kick that makes the guava seem even sweeter. Make a Spicy Tama-Rita like this.

The all-new Smirnoff Seltzer(R) Poco Pico Pack is now available. Poco Pico means "a little bit of spice" in Spanish. It means more profits and traffic for your company. Smirnoff is a flavor expert, having created the world's number one vodka as well as a leader in vodka flavors and flavored malt beverages. And we bring it when it comes to hard seltzer! With two-thirds of Americans favoring spicy-sweet combinations, this new pack includes flavors such as Mango Chili, Pineapple Jalapeno, Spicy Tamarind, and Spicy Margarita. All that spicy, sweet spice. For more information, contact your local Smirnoff Ice and Seltzer distributor.

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