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S K Car Lounge Photos

Pacific Palour Vehicle This car can only be found on the Coast Starlight. This lounge is only for sleeping car passengers. When Amtrak took over passenger service in 1971, it inherited these cars from the Santa Fe railroad. Technically, it is not a Superliner; instead, it is classified as Heritage equipment. They were known as Hi-Levels in Santa Fe. Amtrak no longer operates these cars.

This website was built from a copy of passcarphotos.info that was saved on April 26, 2018. J.M. LaBODA, who died in early 2018, was the original creator and manager of the website. When his website went down, this copy was built to keep the massive amount of information he gathered accessible to all. We're also attempting to reclaim his other two websites, interurbancarphotos.info and pcccarphotos.info. Because many of the photographs link to external websites, not all of the links will remain active indefinitely. This website's complete offline copy can be downloaded here: passcarphotos.zip.

You have access to the SAS Lounges as a EuroBonus Diamond member arriving on an SAS operated flight. A same-day boarding pass for an SAS operated flight arriving at the local airport is required. You may bring up to four immediate family members (spouse/partner/parents/children) or one guest. when sharing a flight with SAS, Star Alliance, or Wideroe. Child protection policy

Traveling from east to west across America is highly recommended. I guess I didn't anticipate heavy summer traffic, which was fortunate because there was NONE! We drove west on Route 20/26 and saw no one at times! We left LaCross, Wisconsin around 7 a.m. and arrived in Keystone, South Dakota during a torrential rainstorm. The lodge is located up a hill from town (which has many food options) and is nestled in a Pine Forest. It is light, clean, and welcoming. The rooms are spacious, simple, and extremely comfortable. We awoke after a good night's sleep, and I opened the curtains at 6:30 a.m. (room 300 series, I believe), and the morning light hit Mount Rushmore!! I was astounded!! That was a view worth a million dollars. The fact that we were looking at Mt Rushmore became less obvious as the sun moved over the next 30 minutes! Excellent "pub options" for late-arriving lodge guests. The pizza and burgers were delicious!! The continental breakfast is available, but it is once again very basic. We chose a fantastic Bakery in town!

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