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Riverdale Season Episode 6

weirder and crazier (plagues! everyones dying but coming back!), its time to look back on the CW dramas craziest episodes thus far. Riverdale, Sundays, 8/7c, The CW

Oh, and one more character we should definitely mention: Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) (Madelaine Petsch). At the conclusion of Season 5, Cheryl had found her ancestor was a witch, hunted by the other citizens of Riverdale and burnt at the stake. Since the newly reincorporated town of Riverdale was like we have a few things to deal with before we apologize for something we had nothing to do with, Cheryl decided to secede from Riverdale, and transform her home of Thornhill into its own town, or something. Also she adopted a redheaded kid called Britta Beach (Kyra Leroux) (Kyra Leroux). So there you go! Thats everything you need to know about Season 5, and furthermore, toss it all out into the trash since the first five episodes take place in a town named Rivervale? Lets get into it.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 7 Recap

banishment. But Nana Rose is a huge fat liar and instead of banishing Abigail, she merely relocates her... into Cheryl's body. We also need to remark on the new man in town: Percival Perkins goes into Archie's burnt down house and offers to purchase it. Mary is fascinated, but Archie instead begs his mum to sell him the house, and she agrees. But the issue remains: Who's this new person with fine shoes and why would he desire a property that has to be rebuilt? Either he's diabolical or he's simply a huge fan of Fixer Upper.

Archie and Tabitha develop a means to break Percivals spell on the employees and they all walk off of the building site. After the first day of the conference, Agent Drake admits her interest to Betty and asks her if she and Archie maintain a monogamous relationship. Things take a nasty turn when Betty gets a call from TBK himself during her interview slot for the convention. Watch Riverdale on:

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 4 Soundtrack

Archie and the friends visit Jughead in the teacher's lounge, where Archie and Betty are discussing wedding arrangements that Jughead is unaware of. Betty subsequently receives a phone call from Dr. Curdle Jr., who informs her that Jughead's body has been discovered at the morgue, despite the fact that she is just a few feet away from Jughead. Curdle, she guesses, is only furious that he was not invited to her wedding, and she hangs up. Betty then tells Jughead what she discovered from Dr. Curdle Jr. Jughead goes to view Dr. Curdle Jr.'s claimed body on a slab after hearing about it from Betty. He opens the corpse bag to find his doppelganger dead. Dr. Curdle Jr. is suspicious of a contradiction. Jughead's twin was strangled and abandoned on the Lonely Highway. Before departing, Jughead requests his doppelgnger's clothing and personal items.

Several critics have remarked that the episode names of the series are sometimes borrowed straight or significantly adapted from the titles of earlier films.


[96] De Elizabeth of Teen Vogue, for example, notes out that Riverdale's premiere episode was called "River's Edge" after the 1986 film of the same name, while the season finale was named after 1997's The Sweet Hereafter.

[97] Executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa explains that this was done on purpose to hint at what would happen in that episode. [97] References to the imaginary environment of the Black Mirror episode "San Junipero" may be seen in season one and heard in season two and three's dialogue. [98] Furthermore, Katie-Kouise Smith of Popbuzz points out that the Riverdale opening titles are similar to those of the Twin Peaks television series, and are meant as a tribute to that series' co-creator, David Lynch. [82]

Riverdale's twists and turns have only increased in recent years, as the adolescent Archie drama has evolved into one of television's craziest and most unexpected dramas. While Riverdale has a sizable following that tunes in to see new episodes as they run on The CW, many of the show's fans catch up on Netflix, with new seasons being posted to the streaming site only a few weeks after they conclude. The sixth season of Riverdale arrived on Netflix this week, and fans have already begun bingeing. Riverdale Season 6 has jumped to the top of Netflix's Top 10 TV Shows list in only a few days after its release. The Netflix Top 10 list for Tuesday reveals Riverdale as the fifth-most popular series on the streaming site, overtaking new originals such as Keep Breathing, Uncoupled, and Alone.

This week's Riverdale focuses on the disadvantages of possessing powers, as Veronica, Archie, Betty, and Jughead strive to find out how their new abilities operate.

Veronica is curious about what is going on with her and this whole secreting venom thing, but first she has to get some black lipstick and a black veil, since what use is a power if you don't look the part, amirite? She attempts dialysis to remove the venom after she gets the look down, but it simply increases the poisons in her body. At one point, she shouts at Reggie, who is being a jerk by forcing her to sell the casino, and her breath causes his nose bleed. Then she tests some of Cheryl's poisons and discovers that her assumption was correct: the toxins in her body render her resistant to all poisons.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 1

At the Rivervale event, Kiernan Shipka will reprise her role as Sabrina Spellman from Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The character first debuted in Riverdale in Riverdale episode 4 of the Rivervale event. Following the Rivervale incident on December 14, 2021, the program will return to normal on March 6, 2022, when episode 6 airs.


What is important to remember is that this is in 'Rivervale,' not 'Riverdale.' This was the place where a lady could get pregnant in a matter of hours, two guys could consume over 200 pancakes, and the grim supernatural existed. So, when 'Riverdale' returns, Archie Andrews will undoubtedly be alive and well. Until then, 'Rivervale' will only keep delivering increasingly harrowing episodes, and only time will tell whether he's the beginning of the corpse count.

'Riverdale' Season 6, Episode 7: "Chapter 122: Death at a Funeral" Date of Air: March 13, 2022 (expected) Though we don't know much about the narrative, we do know that it was written by Ted Sullivan and directed by Tara Dafoe, a longstanding Riverdale script supervisor who will make her directorial debut with this episode. That's quite awesome! Marisol Nichols will reprise her role as Hermione Lodge. Season 6, Episode 8 of 'Riverdale': "Chapter One Hundred and Three" TBD air date Though we don't have any other information, considering that he's returning to Vancouver, it seems that this episode was written by regular Riverdale author Brian E. Paterson.

Archie reluctantly decides to accompany Cheryl to the ceremonial commencement of her family's maple syrup tapping when he receives an offer that may benefit his future. Archie begins to doubt the actual reason the Blossoms are so eager to assist him, although he does get some useful information regarding Betty's sister. Veronica is attempting to be polite and, unknown to her, befriends a student who has been harmed by her father's criminal activities. Hermione has mixed feelings about giving Fred the truth. Meanwhile, Alice is preparing to exact final vengeance on the Blossoms with the assistance of her two daughters.

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