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Resident Evil Logo Looks Like A Giraffe

7. Chad 2010 The logo depicts a charity mission to Chad, a country in north-central Africa. The mission's main goal was to promote education and purchase books for local schools. The logo cleverly incorporates the mission's core elements, namely the African continent, a child's face, and books.

We've discussed this before, but I'm still hoping for Resident Evil: MIA, where the logo only uses the bottom parts of IX to make the IA in MIA (Capcom's already done some stupid shit for VII.I.AGE, so whatever).

I just... there's more to Mia's story that I'd like to know about. Ethan is a jerk. Allow us to play as Mia, but don't make it the "bad part" of the game (shudders, that ship part in VII was so bad).

Whoever is in charge of Capcom's Facebook page has a sense of humour, and they've clearly spent enough time on the internet this week to realize that many people think the new Resident Evil 6 logo looks like a giraffe. No less than a giraffe doing something to a person. Perhaps that something is the T-virus, and we'll be fighting zombified giraffes in the upcoming game. Their long necks would aid in brain-eating, and they'd be especially entertaining to decapitate.

When I see this logo, I always imagine a giraffe having his trouser snake sucked.... So, why does my doctor always show me trouser snakes in blots? When I see this logo, I always imagine a giraffe having his trouser snake sucked.... #9 KittenLina 9 years ago Reading about this topic always makes me want to make an effort to come up with a counter-argument, but they're never really worth it in the end. I'll show them their error in judgment......and remind them that they should be afraid of me. When I got to work this morning, the first question I asked Mark was if he'd seen the new Resident Evil logo. He laughed and mentioned a giraffe before stopping and not continuing. But what exactly is it meant to be? It resembled a horse shoe with an extended thing, as I described it.

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