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Hello! This sub is for anybody seeking help and support in getting away from nicotine addiction. It is also intended for individuals who have already broken the grip of nicotine in their life and want to avoid relapse. Everyone reading this right now is capable of breaking free from nicotine addiction. It takes some effort, particularly at first, but you will discover that you can live your life just fine without it. Let's all work together to quit and remain quit.

Meanwhile, keeping hydrated will help the process along. Drink plenty of fluids including water, tea, and juice. Taking a couple of tablespoons of honey before night may also help. It may also be beneficial to use a humidifier or vaporizer, especially in cold weather. However, unless it interferes with your sleep or causes considerable pain, there is no necessity to suppress a cough with medication. If your coughing lasts longer than a month or you cough blood, see your doctor.

Anyway, the answer to my last yes-or-no question on Stop & Regrow is yes. Your results may vary, however I have experienced benefits. This isn't going to be a fast cure, which is a GOOD thing. Please be patient. I am also not a hard scientific success story. But everything I've read elsewhere has been positive, and many of those evaluations have come from individuals who claim to have been on the program longer than I have. Depending on how my scalp acts in the future, I may even return to it myself. I'm also curious to see whether this impacted anyone's opinion, and if so, why. I'm also happy to answer any inquiries regarding my experience.

My age is 22 years. I was born with thick, lovely hair. I used to spend my leisure time in high school dyeing my hair every color of the rainbow. Not with the temporary stuff, either; bleach it white before dying it every several weeks. My hair eventually became enraged and chose to slow down its growth. I've seen a huge spot of thinning in the front of my head in the previous few of years.

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