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Welcome to quantum.gov, the official website of the National Quantum Initiative and its continuous efforts to investigate and promote Quantum Information Science (QIS). The National Quantum Initiative Act ensures that the United States maintains its leadership in QIS and its technological applications. It advocates for a concerted federal effort to expedite quantum research and development for the sake of the United States' economic and national security. The National Strategic Overview for QIS and accompanying publications define the United States strategy for QIS R&D and associated activities. Find out more

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mDApps are another distinct aspect of the Quant protocol. DApps are blockchain-based, and mDApps enable distinct DApps to function on as many blockchains as feasible. With mDApps, developers can take use of the benefits of each blockchain without having to deal with its limitations. A developer may benefit from the consensus of one chain while acquiring data from another. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Quant Network

The Quant App Store can read and monitor transactions from various ledgers. Overledger allows developers to create smart contracts for a variety of chains, even ones that do not support them, such as Bitcoin. The store may also be used by developers to construct and distribute multi-chain apps (MApps). Related Sites:

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