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Pro Comp Inch Lift

Provides outstanding lift and off-road performance. You'll be able to attack your favorite severe off-road terrains with confidence thanks to Pro Comps 6-Inch Stage 1 Suspension Lift Kit With ES9000 Shocks. This kit is strong enough to not only lift your car by up to 6 inches, but also to withstand the most difficult tracks and terrains. Furthermore, it can clear 35-inch tires, enabling you to improve the stance of your car. ES9000 Shocks are used. The integrated ES9000 Series Shocks are Pro Comp's ultimate nitrogen gas charged shock absorbers, which contribute to an exceptional highway ride and excellent off-road performance. They also include a twin tube construction, 10-stage velocity sensitive valving, and 1 3/8-inch nylon banded full displacement piston heads, so they are very strong and long-lasting.

Email notification sent. Within 24 hours of completing your transaction, you will get an email confirming your registration in the extended product warranty program. Please save this email for future reference. There are no deductibles required. There are no deductibles to pay while using this extended product warranty. If your covered component fails during the extended warranty period, contact the program administrator at 1-844-870-4881 for instructions before any repairs or replacements are performed. Your confirmation email will provide more contact information and instructions.

Warranty extension. AmericanTrucks/Turn5 Inc. is pleased to offer our customers who buy a qualifying product an optional 12-month extended limited warranty. The program administrator will replace the cost of the covered part for a period of 12 months after the manufacturer's warranty expires, or from the date of purchase if no warranty is provided by the manufacturer. Coverage. A Covered Part has failed when it can no longer fulfill the function for which it was originally intended due to its condition alone, rather than the activity or inaction of any non-covered parts. The advantages offered under this Limited Warranty are only for the replacement of Covered Part(s) that fail due to a fault.

Qualifying purchases of $99 or more may qualify for No Interest if paid in full within 6 months. Other deals may be available as well. If the debt is not paid in full within 6 months, interest will be added to your account. Payments must be made on a monthly basis. Credit approval is required. See terms - opens in a new window or tab - for PayPal Credit

Pro Comp 6 Inch Lift Fj Cruiser

This Explorer ProComp 6" Suspension Lift System is intended for use on Ford F150 4x4 vehicles manufactured between 2004 and 2008. You can clear up to 35 x 12.5 inch tires on wheels with 6" of lift and up to 5.00 inches of back room. Please keep in mind that wheels cannot have more than 5.00 of back space! Please keep in mind that this item increases the OEM track width by 3 inches. When driving in 4-hi at speeds in excess of 25mph, vehicles may experience vibration. Please keep in mind that this item is NOT intended for use with full-time AWD cars. Explorer Pro Comp K4137BMX Kit includes the following items:

I already have AP coilovers in the front and spacers in the back. I couldn't rationalize spending that much money on a 6" lift and then beating the crap out of it at the time (or maybe ever). So, until I win the lottery or receive a big raise, I'm sticking with the Donahoe stage two lift, ripping the frame rails out of the front wheel well, and running 35s. I'm happy with my current setup, which is running 33s, but I'm not a fan of the AP coilovers since the bumper and winch add too much weight to the front end. Oh, and I'm not sure what types of warranty problems may arise as a result of the cross member being cut, but it seems like something you definitely don't want to discover the hard way....

, . , , . , , , . . , , .

The only reason I'd hack up my vehicle for a 6 inch lift is to put 35" tires on it and drive around the block.

This raise will not assist you offroad; in comparison to a 3" suspension lift, it is more prone to tip and lose flex....

But with 35s on it, it'll LOOK cool:tu:

Pro Comp Suspension Lift Kits

intended to suit Jeep Wrangler JK 4-Door vehicles from 2007 to 2018. Note. This raise kit allows for the use of up to a 35" tire and wheel widths ranging from 16" to 20" wide with a backspacing of 3.75" to 5".

I purchased this kit not knowing whether I was making a wise choice. It looked excellent right away, but I wanted to give it some time before posting a review to make sure nothing went wrong. One year later, I can confidently state that this was an excellent investment. The vehicle seems to be the way it should have always appeared. If you want a truly lifted appearance, this may not be for you. However, if you want to make your 4Runner seem like it SHOULD have come from the factory, look no further. The look is forceful, but not overpowering. The vehicle is still quite sturdy, and I was able to install significantly larger tires (some trimming inside the front wheel wells was necessary).

Pro Comp Suspension Lift Kit 55728B

We will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you when you make an order depending on the availability of your products and the shipping options you choose. Shipping date estimates may display on the shipping quotes page depending on the shipping service you choose. Please keep in mind that many of the things we offer have weight-based shipping fees. Any such item's weight may be discovered on its detail page. All weights will be rounded up to the next full pound to follow the rules of the shipping providers we employ.

Individuals with valid hunting permits are permitted to open carry loaded long rifles and pistols when hunting during the hunting season. Aside from these and a few other restricted exceptions, open carry of handguns in public necessitates the possession of a valid carry permit. Carrying unloaded, cased weapons without a permit is permitted when walking, just as it is while driving. Firearms other than handguns (long arms) carried by pedestrians must be totally unloaded and cased. Any person legally permitted to possess firearms may openly carry unloaded firearms that are not specifically cased "when going to or from the person's private residence or vehicle or a vehicle in which the person is riding as a passenger to a place designated or authorized for firearms repairs or reconditioning, or for firearms trade, sale, or barter, or gunsmith, or hunting animals or fowl, or hunter safety course, or target shooting, or skeet or trap shooting, or target shooting Individuals may only carry unloaded, uncased guns in public under certain conditions.

Damage caused by failing to follow advice or requirements outlined in installation instructions.

Pro Comp MX Series coil-over shocks are deemed serviceable and come with a one-year leakage guarantee. Pro Comp will provide rebuild services and sell new components separately. For particular service prices, please contact Pro Comp. Pro Comp assumes no liability for any tampered with product, poor installation, lack of or inappropriate maintenance, or improper usage of our goods.

Qualifying purchases of $99 or more may qualify for No Interest if paid in full within 6 months. Other deals may be available as well. If the debt is not paid in full within 6 months, interest will be added to your account. Payments must be made on a monthly basis. Credit approval is required. See terms - opens in a new window or tab - for PayPal Credit

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