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North Facing House Vastu Plan X 60

2. Bed Room Position: For a north-facing structure, the bed room might be built in the South-West, South-East, East, West, or North-West Zone. 3. Kitchen Location: In the case of a North-facing Home Vastu design, the kitchen may be built in the South-East (SE), South-South-East (SSE), or South-South-South-East (SSE). You may also design your kitchen in the west, north-west (N-W) or southwest (S-W) zones. The East Direction is taken into account while cooking.

A house, which is one of everyone's essential wants.

Today we have a vastu style house design with measurements of 30 feet by 60 feet that everyone will appreciate.

This north indian house design comprises a living room, dining room, three rooms, a hall, a pooja room, a storage room, a kitchen, a site out, a vehicle porch, and two bedrooms with a total of two bathrooms.

SN Home Designs created this design.

Contingency, Similar Construction Projects, Engineering Review, Location of Construction, Size and Type of Construction Project, Construction Material Costs, Labor Wage Rates, Insurance Requirements, Regulatory Requirements, Quality of Plans & Specifications, Engineer Reputation, Inflation Factor, Project Schedule, and Quality of Plans will all influence construction costs.

The plan includes large bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, and a dining room. The bottom level offers a parking place for one large automobile. The plan's Bedroom features a connected toilet. A shared toilet is also linked to the living room for the visitors' use. The Kitchen is connected to a backyard/utility area that may be utilized as a wash area. There is also enough for a garden on the front porch. Vastu Conformity

Project Description:This wonderful looking new contemporary house can't help but want to win your favor, especially if you have a lively family whose activities like to spill outdoors. A wraparound entrance patio and rear patios will immediately wow you. Inside, a radiant kitchen with an island counter and heaps of counter will astound you. It opens to a large, informal. A luxurious bathroom and private entrance to a small rear terrace enhance the main room. Three upstairs rooms have their own showers, and two have walk-in closets.

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