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Nike Metcon Premium Review

The flywire lacing to hold the foot and tongue in place was fantastic. The outsole grooves and flexible forefoot midsole provided support while allowing the foot to bend as required. When doing burpees during a workout, the extended outsole reaching up over the front of the toe provided excellent traction and prevented slipping. The laces kept in place for skipping and box jumps, and the foam midsole conserved energy so you didn't tire as rapidly as you would in a typical training shoe. The grip on the wooden box's top was excellent, and the landings were secure albeit a touch loud owing to the large flat sole and plastic heel.

I'd largely considered acquiring another pair (maybe in leather for more longevity), but I looked into other choices. The Nike Metcon 4s, in particular, piqued my interest, particularly for $70 on the Nike website right now. I've been training in flat soled shoes for so long that I don't believe I'll consider any of the heeled choices (Romaleos and the like), but has anybody had any experience with the Metcons? They claim they're largely for Crossfit, but I don't see them being too bad for my needs.

The Nike Metcon 7 is the most recent addition to the iconic Nike Metcon shoe series. The Nike Metcon 7 has received a lot of attention from Nike Metcon enthusiasts and functional fitness athletes due to its several substantial structural changes. Some people adore the new construction characteristics, while others prefer their Nike Metcon 6s. So, what has changed between this model and the Nike Metcon 6?

The Metcon 6 looked fairly similar to the Metcon 5, thus the Nike Metcon 7 is a welcome departure from its predecessors. It's bigger, sturdier, and more brutalist in general than the sleek and futuristic Metcon 6. The general design is chunkier, but not overpowering. Despite this, the Nike Metcon 7 weights 380 grams (mens UK size 10) due to the excessive quantity of rubber on the outsole. We're not complaining, though: Nike added that much rubber for a reason: to ensure secure footing while moving large objects. The rubber even extends up the medial and lateral sides of the shoes to give additional support in important locations.

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