Nema 6-50R Receptacle Wiring Diagram

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A NEMA 6-50 plug contains two straight hot prongs that run parallel to one another, as well as a horseshoe-shaped ground prong. The 6-50's hot prongs have varying widths, with the largest prong on the right. A 250-volt 50-amp electrical circuit is connected using a NEMA 6-50 socket. 8-gauge or bigger wires are required for a 50-amp electrical circuit. The round face of the NEMA 6-50 measures 2-1/8 inches wide and fits into a conventional wall-mount electrical outlet box. Some equipment, such as 3 horsepower electric welders, need a NEMA 6-50 plug to connect to a power supply.

Most high-power (10kW and more) portable generators use this 3-pole 4-wire 50-amp straight blade design socket. It operates on 120/240V and has a maximum capacity of 12.5 kVA. In practice, if you follow the NEC and UL 80% derating rules, you can get up to 240x50x0.8= 9,600 volt-amps providing the loads on X and Y are balanced. The mating plug 14-50P should suit #6 AWG conductors. Connect the red and black wires to X and Y, the white wire to Neutral, and the green wire to Ground (see the diagram above). It should be noted that some commercially available cords have a thinner green lead (such as #8), which may be sufficient since the ground conductor does not carry the load current.

Could this be due to a malfunctioning switch? The breaker trips whether the switch is turned off or on, and no bulbs are in the light fixture. I'm at a loss. The receptacle is seldom used, and I've turned off everything else in the room to be safe, yet the breaker tripped. Wiring for a Submersible Pump? I'm in the midst of putting a submersible pump in my well, but I have a few questions before.

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