Mxr Band Eq Dimebag Settings

As I previously said, the EQ pedal may provide some unique overdrive tones. Some overdrives have a mid-boost, allowing you to increase the 1-2K range as well. You may also enhance the high-end, which is great for getting pinch harmonics. However, this could become quite noisy. In fact, when I originally received my pedal in 2009 or 2010, this was one of the main reasons I utilized it.


You can amp up your Dime devotion with this distinctive Hi-Voltage set from DR Strings. According to the company's website, he has been playing the strings of strength since 1995. I enjoy how DR Strings feel and respond; you can really grab a hold of them.

At first glance, the Condor is an intriguing beast for Chase Bliss, but it rapidly becomes clear that an EQ fits nicely into their range of ultra-tweakable digitally controlled pedals.

The primary EQ control for the Condor is a parametric mids control that can be changed between 150Hz and 5kHz, somewhere between a preamp and an analogue EQ. A bass and low-pass filter are also included for further control over the low-end.

Darrell utilized a Furman PQ3 to obtain his tone while running it through the Randall head, as rickster71 pointed out.

I never had an RG80 or 100, but I did own the Dean Dime amp, which I assume was intended to be a type of RG100 knockoff. Unfortunately, I never really liked it. I recently purchased the Century 200 II, which sounded fantastic. Directly, it reminded me of the original Skid Row album. Bright, razor sharp, as violent as a chainsaw, with effortless pinch harmonics. I never used it since it had a PQ3/4 and 6 band EQ, so I can't tell how much post EQ it would need to achieve the Dime sounds. It was a lovely sounding amp that I would have wanted to keep, but I acquired it exclusively for the purpose of flipping. I attempted to construct an amp block in the AX3 to replicate the C200 but couldn't get it close enough for my taste (a Silver Jubilee probably came close), and I didn't want to tone match. @trixdropd's Dime patch more than satisfied my Randall/Dime need.

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