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Masterchef India Season Top 5

Conclusion about Top 10 Chefs in India:Because the culinary field in India is widely established, it is impossible to include all names in the top 10 chefs in India. All of the Indian chefs have made us proud with their hard work and awards, and people see them as celebrities who are also the best and most famous cooks.

The race to the finals episode of Masterchef India season 6 aired on February 22 and began with Chef Ranveer Brar informing the participants about their forthcoming assignment. Chef Ranveer Brar then stated that two participants will be dismissed from the competition, leaving just four to compete in the Masterchef India season 6 grand finals. 'Masterchef India' Feb 8 & 9: Teams Navigate Difficult Tasks, Mahendra Proves His Worth

The final four chefs were split into two groups of two. Courtney picked Elizabeth to be her Red Team comrade, leaving Cutter and Leslie on the Blue Team. Each couple had to choose a package of ingredients from one of their respective states. Leslie and Cutter selected Texas, while Courtney and Elizabeth chose Pennsylvania. Based on what was in their box, each team had to create an appetizer and an entree. Courtney and Elizabeth were barely crowned champions, leaving Cutter and Leslie to compete in the pressure test. Winners of the Team Challenge/Immune: Courtney...

22nd of October, 2016 ( ) "Third Elimination / Pressure Test" page 8 October 23, 2016 ( ) Srijith Gopinathan is the guest chef. "Second Team Challenge" page 9 October 29, 2016 ( ) "Fourth Elimination/Pressure Test" 10 30th of October, 2016 ( ) Sanjana Patel is the guest chef. 5 November 2016 "Third Mystery Box and Pair Challenge" ( ) Shakti Mohan and Raghav Juyal are special guests. 6 November 2016 "Fifth Elimination / Pressure Test" ( ) "Fourth Mystery Box Challenge and Pair Challenge," page 13 November 12, 2016 ( ) Bipasha Basu is a special guest. "Cook-Along Challenge" 14 November 13, 2016 ( ) Anahita Dhondy is the guest chef. "Team Cheese Quiz and Second Invention Test" page 15 November 19, 2016 ( ) 16 "Sixth Elimination / Pressure Test and Third Team Challenge" November 20, 2016 ( ) Sushil Kumar is the special guest.

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