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M. K. Muthu Family

M.K. Muthu, the oldest son of DMK chairman M. Karunanidhi, and his wife J. Sivagamisundarai filed a complaint with the city police commissioner on Monday, alleging that his son and family members had threatened them. Sivagamisundari, 65, the daughter of well-known playback singer Chidrabaram S. Jayaraman, said that their son, M.K.M. Arivunidhi, had been seeking money and property that belonged to the couple for many months. She said that she was bringing the lawsuit on behalf of her husband, who had just become ill.

Dayalu Ammal, at 86, finds it difficult to identify individuals, even among his own family, and has decided to return to his Gopalapuram home. Only on Monday was she escorted to the hospital to meet Karunanidhi. She did not attend Rajaji Hall due to age-related problems. According to a senior family member, when she saw Karunanidhis dead at Gopalapuram residence, she burst into tears.

Selvi Karunanidhi (born January 2, 1968) is the daughter of DMK founder Later Karunanidhi. Selvi is now grieving the loss of her father. He died on August 7 at Chennai's Kaveri Hospital. Furthermore, Karunanidhi suffered from several organ problems and was admitted to the hospital in July 2018. Right after his death, one of his own children began fighting for land and a place in the DMK party. RajnikaM (Actor), 0 Panneerselvam (Former Tamil Nadu CM), and K Palaniswami (Tamil Nadu CM) have now arrived to pay their respects to both DMK leaders. In fact, Prime Minister Modi and several Union Ministers are expected to visit today.

M. K. Muthu's Age and Date of Birth

M. K. Muthu's age, do you know? M. K. Muthus' age and date of birth will be discussed in this section. To find out the solution to the title's query, you'll need to look at M. K. Muthus's date of birth as well as his age. Genetics, skin type, and health are all variables that might influence how fast or slowly someone ages.

M K Muthu Family Tree

Historical documents and family trees about Joseph Stalin Cash back of up to 10% Make a free family tree for yourself or Joseph Stalin, and we'll look for fresh information for you. Begin by creating a Geni World Family Tree. Stalin, Joseph, 1879-1953 Georgia Stalin, Joseph Vissarionovich (born Dzhugashvili), 1879-1953. Visit the Website The Family Tree Karunanidhi Family Tree Diagram with Photographs Feb 09, 2022 M.K. Stalin's Family Tree: Karunanidhi chose his son M.K Stalin as his successor in Tamil Nadu politics. M.K Stalin is a well-known figure in state politics, having succeeded his father as President of the DMK upon his father's death. He was born on March 1, 1953. From 2009 to 2011, he was also the Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Visit the Website

On May 20, 2011, she was detained in connection with the 2G fraud, which cost the Indian government 1.76 lakh crore. According to the CBI charge sheet, she possessed a 100% share in her family's Kalaignar TV. The CBI said that she sent $2 billion (US$36.2 million) to Kalaignar TV with the assistance of then-Telecom Minister A. Raja. On the other hand, on December 21, 2017, a special CBI Court presided over by Justice O P Saini acquitted all of the defendants in the 2G Scam, including A. Raja and Kanimozhi.

M.K.Muthu Family

M K Tamilarasu Family

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