Letter K With A Crown Tattoo

A Queen Defends Her King A chess piece tattoo of a king and queen is an excellent depiction of a passionate connection. When a king's power is endangered, he will go to war, but a queen will always support her own monarch and fight the opponent. Your relationship, like the game, is a kingdom for which you must battle.

The king and queen letters are yet another popular couple tattoo design. The capital k for the man and capital q for the lady, both with beautiful tiny hearts, make it extra cuter. This simple tattoo design represents the king of hearts and queen of hearts. 14. Tattoo with K Letter Combination:

15. Keys Initial Tattoo

If you desire something out of the usual, this is the tattoo design for you. Engrave your initials on keys. A one-of-a-kind approach to communicate your sentiments for those who mean the most to you. Even couples may have matching tattoos. One person may have keys with initial tattoos, while another person can have a lock with initial tattoos, resulting in an eye-catching tattoo design.

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