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"I invited my buddy Amanda to come over today," Thompson says. "Because Amanda used to be large, she's going to chat to me and offer me her overall view and counsel." Thompson "had a very similar experience to what I had," says Amanda Register, who recorded her weight reduction journey on the program Family By the Ton.

He's not only attempting to rescue a life, but also a marriage. Dr. Mehmet Oz welcomes back extremely obese reader favorite Colleen Williams and her husband, Derrick, for their third appearance on the syndicated program on today's edition of The Dr. Oz Show. The 31-year-old Phoenix lady, who recently weighed 700 pounds, is going on a no-nonsense weight-loss program with Oz and his team of trainers, nutritionists, and psychologists. (She's lost 30 pounds so far.) Oz also has The Style Network reality star Ruby, a former 700-pounder, as Colleen's coach. It's a massive job made more difficult by the Williams' increasingly troubled relationship. Derrick has waited on Colleen hand and foot for years, feeding and washing her since she can't (or won't) do things for herself. Oz dubbed them both junkies at their previous appearance: She is addicted to manipulation, while he is addicted to being bossed about. "And both are concerned that when Colleen loses weight, that relationship will shift," Oz explains.

This prompted Dr. Nowzaradan to warn her about the challenges she might have as a result of her weight in the future. This served as a wake-up call for Pauline, who began attempting to lose weight. While she did shed a stunning 100 pounds after a few months on the regimen, she noticed that the sense of being a large girl stayed within her thoughts.

Life At 700 Lbs: Can This Woman Be Saved? was an episode hosted by Dr. Oz. Consider spending your life while weighing 700 pounds. You are effectively locked within your own body, making ordinary actions such as bathing difficult. You end up depending on others for everything, knowing that the pressure on your heart, body, and organs may be too great at any moment. Doctor Oz set off on a quest to assist in the rescue of Colleen Williams, a 700-pound lady. 700 Pound Woman, According to Dr. Oz

145 Lbs Woman

Use getcalc.com's BMI calculator to determine if a guy or female weighing 145 pounds and standing 5 feet 3 inches tall is obese, very obese, overweight, underweight, or at an appropriate weight. According to the BMI chart and categorization, a BMI of 25.68 for 145 pounds and 5ft 3in height implies that you are overweight. The Body Mass Index of 25.68 is calculated by dividing 145 pounds by the square of 5'3" height. You weigh 4.42 lb higher than the healthy or ideal weight. Burning more calories or losing 4.42 lb by correct food and exercise may bring your weight to 140.58 lb, bringing your BMI score to 24.9. Current BMI Current Weight Target Weight BMI target 145 lb 140.58 lb 25.68 24.9

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I'm looking for some typical jeans/pants sizes for a lady weighing roughly 145 pounds. My height is 5' 3.5" and my ideal weight is 145 pounds. I'd want to receive some suggestions on potential clothing sizes. I understand that everyone is different, but I simply needed a general guideline to see whether my objective is realistic. Thank you in advance.

Is a lady 5'4" and 145 pounds fat? I made this thread to highlight how the government is fuelling the dieting fad and hence fueling the $50 billion weight reduction business. A lady 5'4" and 145 pounds is deemed overweight, according to their definitions. I understand that the government is out of touch with reality, but how did they come up with this standard? This is how they get away with claiming that the United States has an obesity issue. For a government that purports to be concerned about the health of Americans, they should conduct some research on obesity to see how faulty their logic is. When they issued their study, I saw an article that said that Tom Cruise is deemed overweight based on the criteria they used. It's bad enough that the media encourages individuals to lose weight, but when the government joins in, something is severely wrong. I'm curious whether the weight loss business has more lobbyists than other sectors, since this is a prime example of special interests and political contributions in action.

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