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Always suspecting that there was more to the unseen world, she founded Mysterious Radio in 2016 and has conducted interviews on topics ranging from ufo and alien phenomena to true crime, strange disappearances, true hauntings, and more. This new path in podcasting has made K-Town realize that she is only now beginning to learn about the true nature of our reality and that, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us, the human race STILL has to face and deal with it.

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A radio career [edit] Trenton began his entertainment career in the mid-1980s on Los Angeles' then-underground alternative radio station KROQ-FM. During the decade that followed, he created and hosted the popular nighttime show Loveline, co-hosted the KROQ morning show, and appeared on Oprah as one of America's most outrageous DJs. [Citation required]

Cum Town is frequently associated with the dirtbag left, despite the fact that it is not explicitly political.


[63] Cum Town (by allusion, citing its "unprintable name") was described as "bards of the new American left" alongside podcasts Chapo Trap House and Red Scare in a February 2020 New York Times article. [64] Several Chapo hosts have appeared on Cum Town, including Amber A'Lee Frost, Will Menaker, and Felix Biederman; Mullen, Halkias, and Friedland have all appeared on Chapo multiple times. Though the hosts discuss their reactions to current events and politics on occasion—all three have expressed support for 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders—they deny any specific political agenda. "Cum Town is not a socialist podcast, it's not a fascist podcast, it's a podcast about being gay with your dad," Friedland tweeted in May 2017. [65]

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