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K Swap Honda Fit

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Despite the fact that I put the price as $35, I received mine free with the engine. On car-part.com, many are available for as low as $25. Alternatives: A K-series flywheel will mount to any K-series engine, although not all are the same. Make sure you know which vehicle your flywheel originated from so you can obtain the right clutch. The flywheels on the RSX and Civic Si are lighter than those on the Accord. Flywheels from the Element or TSX may also be used.

Innovative bushings are all developed with the same basic form in mind. The hardness or durometer rating of the urethane changes next. 60A Red - For street automobiles, 60A Red bushings are suggested. Most of our packages include these bushings as standard. They convey the least amount of vibration from the engine to the chassis. This translates to a more pleasant daily trip.

Last but not least, an adapter plate and flywheel are required for this switch. With this Clutch Masters flywheel, you may utilize any F20C clutch. This should help me get the 450 ft/lbs of torque I'm aiming for. This is how the vehicle now sits; I'm hoping to be at Gridlife South in three weeks. Let's wait and see what occurs.

Hey, thanks for your time! I'm on the same page as you. I have everything all hooked in oem, but I read somewhere that you had to jump the signal from the L15A ecu to turn it on and control it...are you using one or two ecus? I'm just using kPRo... if you're only using one ecu, there's a method they did it for you, and that's all I really want to know. Mine is fully charged, but something isn't signaling it to turn on.

K Swap Honda Fit Kit

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