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The Georgia man accused of abandoning his kid to die in a hot vehicle two years ago was indicted on fresh sexual exploitation of minors charges on Friday. According to his counsel, Justin Ross Harris is now facing two more charges of sexual exploitation of children and six counts of transmitting dangerous information to kids.

The prosecution produced video evidence showing Harris returning to the SUV at lunchtime to replace several lightbulbs in the front seat. Ross Harris does not seem to glance inside the vehicle on the video,[22], but police detectives believed that the odor of death had permeated the automobile and that Harris must have detected it, either at that moment or when he drove the car away at the end of the day. On cross-examination, the cops revealed that they didn't disclose the stink until more than a year after Cooper's death, and other witnesses at the site indicated they didn't smell anything. [23] Prosecutors also claimed that Harris studied childlessness and child fatalities in hot automobiles before the occurrence. [24] [14] Cooper's mother, Leanna Taylor, Harris' ex-wife, testified on his side during his trial, saying that Harris "destroyed" her life with his sexual escapades but that he did not willfully murder their kid. [25]

The judge claimed that, although part of the evidence was adequate to support the prosecution's argument of Harris motive, the rest of it, including blown-up color photographs of Harris genitalia retrieved from his text messages, should have been excluded by the trial court. According to Nahmias, it was conclusively proved that (Harris) was a philanderer, a pervert, and even a sexual predator. This evidence, Nahmias stated, "provided little, if anything, to resolve the essential issue of (Harris') purpose when he walked away from Cooper." However, it was likely to cause the jurors to believe that (Harris) was the kind of guy who would participate in other morally repugnant behavior (such as abandoning his kid in a hot vehicle) and merited punishment, even if the jury were not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that he did so on purpose.

Ross intended to take Cooper to his day care, Little Apron Academy, on June 18th, after the two had breakfast together at a neighboring Chick-fil-A. Ross approached a traffic signal after leaving the restaurant. A left would have brought him to Coopers day care, but he proceeded right through the light, as he always did, with his kid still strapped in his rear-facing car seat. Ross left his workplace at 4:15 p.m. to meet up with some pals for a 5 p.m. movie. He got a glimpse of Cooper's head in the back seat while glancing over his right shoulder to make a lane change. He screeched to a stop in the parking lot of Akers Mill Square, a retail mall. He did CPR on his kid but quickly knew it was too late. Cooper had perished as a result of overheating.

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