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Inside The Nfl Season Episode 6

[Edit] Showtime On Tuesdays, the program is filmed at NFL Films' offices in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, and it airs at different times throughout the week, starting Tuesday evenings at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. Greg Gumbel was replaced in September 2015 by CBS Sports' Adam Schein, with Brown returning as host in 2016 and Schein playing a supporting role.

Dennis Pitta of the Baltimore Ravens was ranked No. 100 on the NFL Top 100 Players list in 2013. Kyle Juszczyk, fullback for the San Francisco 49ers, contacted his close buddy and chastised him for not reaching double digits. After nine years, Juszczyk has been nominated to his second straight NFL Top 100 Players list. Last year, the fullback was ranked 97th. No. 100 this year. Juszczyk confesses that karma has most likely finally caught up with him. Nonetheless, he is content just to be on the list since his peers voted on it. "Honestly, that's one of the most significant honors I could get," Juszczyk said on Monday. While numerous additional 49ers players are expected to appear after the numbers 1-50 are revealed, one of Juszczyk's colleagues has already been disclosed.

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