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Heartland Season Episode 18

Tim and his fiancée announce their intention to sell the ranch and go to California. However, one of Tim's former lovers returns and says that Tim is the father of her kid, Shane. Ashley has returned home. Ty is still having difficulty just becoming friends with Amy. Caleb is unsure if he should accompany Ashley to British Columbia for school.

more vert Dorothy Stephens Mark as inappropriate April 25, 2022 I saw it with my daughter when she was nine, and now that she's eighteen, we're watching it with my ten-year-old niece. This shoe has us all (husband, myself, adolescent girl and boyfriend, and kid) laughing, weeping, and wanting more.

Amy and Ty are set on a road that will change their lives when a mysterious horse comes at Heartland. Ty wants to propose to Amy but is unsure about the appropriate time. When Shane arrives to Heartland, Tim and Miranda understand they must consider what he wants.

The members of the Heartland family are holding secrets from each other in the days leading up to baby Lyndy's naming ceremony. Ty enlists Caleb's assistance in completing a long-held pledge to himself without Amy's awareness. Amy is secretly working with Spartan on something she believes will make her daughter's birthday genuinely unforgettable. Georgie must make a vital choice as she prepares for the Fall Finale when Val approaches her with yet another proposition. Meanwhile, Jack has an unexpected discovery, and Tim receives news that he finds difficult to express.

Heartland Season 8 Episode 18

Heartland Season 10 Episode 18

Heartland Season 7 Episode 18

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