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Gabriel Statues Far Cry 6

Anyway, you'll run across Zenia Zayas in the Mercurio Mecanico hideaway in southwest Esperanza. The Paint the Town Yaran Story will be given to you, and your mission will be to vandalize 12 Gabriel sculptures. Anton Castillo, Yara's current ruler, is the father of Gabriel Castillo. Busts of him may be seen around the city. Simply press E to deface one.

How Do I Begin the Mission?

To begin the Paint the Town task, you must first meet Zenia Zayas. You must do so while participating in the Yaran Stories at Madrugada. If you don't willing to take any chances, we suggest finishing the tales that will earn you the Senor Pinga tank first.

Far Cry 6's Yaran Story is Paint the Town. This tutorial will show you where to locate 12 Gabriel Monuments and how to deface statues in the Esperanza region. The task giver (NPC) is Zenia Zayas, who can be found at the Mercurio Mecanico hideaway in southwest Esperanza. Before Zenia Zayas assigns you this assignment, you must first finish Paradise Lost and Heavy Metal, Yaran story. Objectives: Vandalize the Gabriel Statues (12)

Look for the yellow number circles to discover all five Gabriel statues.

Your side task is to discover the five Gabriel statues and deface them with graffiti. Fortunately, all of the statues in and around Esperanza are located, with eight of them in the city center's high-security zone. Unfortunately, the statue will not be marked on the map until you are very next to it. The exact locations are shown in the video below:

12 Gabriel Statues Far Cry 6

@butcherbird59 I've done everything, so it's not impossible. Wasn't your first query about defacing Gabriel? Make your decision. OK, to spare you the anguish of completing the Pelican assignment, here is a simple workaround solution that I discovered. Just don't tell anybody since it's top secret, and if you do, I may have to shoot you. Instead of a flying suit, utilize the little flying device that comes with helicopters. Fly it up to, but not too far away from, the pelican. Get out and feed the pelican, then return to the chopper and follow the bird. Do not pass him. He'll land again, and you'll have to stop and feed him again, and when he goes off, you'll have to follow him. He lands at least four times. Simply keep doing this until the task is completed. Simple.

The most difficult element of this endeavor is not discovering all of the states, but successfully traversing Esperanza. Because it is the capital city of Yara, the city is heavily militarized, therefore troops monitor most of the streets looking for guerrilla fighters like yourself. Fortunately, there are several secret guerrilla trails that may be used to navigate the streets while remaining hidden. These are shown on your map by blue lines. Use them instead of main roads, especially if you need to pass through a military checkpoint. Return to Zenia Zayas after defacing all of the sculptures to finish this Yaran Story. She will become a Los Bandidos commander, and you will earn a yellow paint bucket weapon charm as well as some XP.

You must approach pretty near to them for them to register on the map, perhaps 15-20ft. The majority of them may be located in the ring that encircle around Esperanza, so it's best to start there. Drive around to all of the outdoor locations before entering inside Esperanza to locate the ones within the city. It seems to be a labyrinth, but it is really rather simple. You can't utilize most of the highways, so once within the city, it's only a question of following the routes. Zenia will contact you after you have located 6 sculptures to praise you for your efforts. When you've discovered all 12, you'll have finished the Yaran Story and unlocked Zenia as a Leader.

Return to Zenia Zayas after all have been defiled, and as reward for your efforts, she will become one of the eight Bandido Leaders for your Bandido Operations, as well as a yellow paint bucket charm.

The Gabriel Sculptures are towering rectangular statues with a bust atop them. Look at the picture below to find what you're searching for.

Gabriel Statue Locations Far Cry 6

Return to Zenia Zayas after all have been defiled, and as reward for your efforts, she will become one of the eight Bandido Leaders for your Bandido Operations, as well as a yellow paint bucket charm. The Gabriel Sculptures are towering rectangular statues with a bust atop them. Look at the picture below to find what you're searching for.

Far Cry 6 has various Yaran Stories side quests, one of which, Paint the Town, involves defacing sculptures in Yara's capital city of Esperanza. This task is obtained from a figure called Zenia Zayas at the Mercurio Mecanico hideaway in Esperanza's West Lado area. Her father's last request was to deface sculptures of Gabriel Castillo, Anton Castillo's father. Finding these monuments, however, is a difficult endeavor, particularly given the city's heavy military presence. Here's where you can discover and deface all of the Gabriel statues in Far Cry 6's Paint the Town task. Paint the Town Statue Locations in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Statue Locations For Paint The Town

When you approach near to a statue, it will display as a yellow objective symbol on your map. This will stay until the statue is defaced. Remember, you don't have to smash a statue to deface it; you only have to approach it and interact with it.

Dani must discover and deface 12 sculptures in Esperanza in the Far Cry 6 Paint the Town assignment as part of the Yaran Leader quest to unlock Zenia. It takes less time than you may think, but I've produced this helpful guide to help you get through it even quicker. Finally, you'll be able to recruit Zenia and get access to additional rare resources for manufacturing things. All Paint the Town monument placements in Far Cry 6

Deface The Gabriel Statue Far Cry 6

As the yaran narrative begins, Zenia Zayas wants your assistance to fulfill her Papa's last request of defacing his propaganda monuments. These twelve monuments may be seen all across Esperanza. When you come near to a statue, it will display on your map as a yellow objective symbol. You must approach and interact with the statue in order to deface it. Zenia will contact you after you have discovered six sculptures to thank you for your efforts. When you find all 12, the Yaran Story will be finished, and Zenia will be unlocked as a Leader.

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To begin the "Paint the Town" task, players must be Rank 16 and locate Zenia Zayas in West Lado in Esperanza. She says that her father's last desire was for her to discover and deface the 12 propaganda sculptures in Far Cry 6's huge capital city, and she requests Dani's assistance. Tagging the statues will result in flames being painted around their bases. Because the statues do not display on the map till Dani is near to them, finding them might be challenging. Fortunately, in Esperanza, gamers may utilize landmarks to find each one.

Zenia will contact you after you have defiled the twelfth and last statue. She will appreciate you for accomplishing that for her and will then become one of your Leaders. If you are having trouble with any additional FC6 missions or things, we suggest that you check our Far Cry 6 archive.

Your first Far Cry game? Begin here! Tips & Tricks for Beginners This is a guide for the Far Cry 6 assignment Paint the Town. Learn more about the goals of this Yaran Story, including a comprehensive map and video tour to each Gabriel Statue's location, potential awards, and suggestions for finishing the task!

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