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Fortnite Season Week Cheat Sheet

The free tasks are capped off with a simple request: obtain one elimination each with a scoped and suppressed firearm. If identifying a Baller is proving difficult, Fortnite Insiders has compiled an useful cheat sheet detailing every unique spawn place. Here's a cheat sheet for Fortnite Season 8 Week 4 Challenges 1 of 2.

A few FNCS players have joined the discourse, claiming that this flaw may cost them multiple games in which they would lose on a large competitive level. The whole community has banded together to beg the creators to repair the game as soon as possible. While Fortnite has not addressed this problem on their social media accounts or the Trello board, it is possible that players in higher ping zones are the only ones affected. However, the player base is optimistic that these difficulties will be resolved as soon as feasible.

As with the rest of Week 4, landing at various spots after leaping from the Battle Bus is self-explanatory and easy, as are weapon eliminations. However, three of those kills must be accomplished while holding a Legendary weapon. Due to their scarcity, there is no assurance that you will discover such valuable gear in any particular battle, but there are tactics available that greatly increase your odds. Loot Carriers is one among them. Introduced in the most recent patch, these drones always bring treasure of rare or better grade, and you must kill at least three to complete the challenge. If you're lucky, it shouldn't take long to outfit yourself with the greatest gear V-bucks can purchase.

Misty Meadows Challenge Reward Search Chests or Ammo Boxes (7) 35000 XP Removals from The Authority (3) 35000 XP At Lazy Lake, collect Floating Rings (4) 35000 XP At Rickety Rig, you may dance on top of the crane. 35000 XP At Frenzy Farm, do damage from within a cornfield (100) 35000 XP Destroy automobiles within 60 seconds of the Battle Bus arriving at Retail Row (2) 35000 XP Place a Choppa at the base of Steamy Stacks. 35000 XP At Catty Corner, do harm to your opponents (200) 35000 XP As previously said, this week's issues are not very vexing. However, it seems like Epic is relying a bit too much on the crux of eliminations at The Authority.

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