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Fj Cruiser Inch Lift Pro Comp

Leveling kits are less difficult to install than suspension and lift systems. For further information on how to install a suspension kit, see our Stage 2 Icon Suspension Installation. A leveling kit will be considerably simpler to install than a complete suspension system with upper control arms. What's in the Box?

Pro Comp Suspension offers six suspension systems to turn the FJ Cruiser into a fearsome trail monster. These systems are the ideal height for mounting 35-inch tires and conquering bigger off-road obstacles. MX2.75C coil-over front shocks and MX6 mono-tube adjustable rear shocks are used in Stage II systems to provide great on and off-road performance. Spacers for the OEM front struts and ES9000 twin tube rear shocks are included with Stage I systems. Both systems include enlarged steering knuckles and rock-sold one-piece lower cross members that are simple to install and reinstall factory components in the proper location for best performance and longevity. Replacement rear coils, higher control arms, and a track bar relocation bracket regulate the rear axle, give lift, and keep the rear driveline angles correct. Installation takes around 7-8 hours. To reduce the front differential, a crossmember must be cut. The rack and pinion remain in their original position. Maximum tire and rim size recommended is 35 x 12.50 on 18 or bigger diameter 8 or 9 wide rims with up to 4.75 backspacking. 16 or 17-inch factory or aftermarket rims are not permitted.

I already have AP coilovers in the front and spacers in the back. I couldn't rationalize spending that much money on a 6" lift and then beating the crap out of it at the time (or maybe ever). So, until I win the lottery or receive a big raise, I'm sticking with the Donahoe stage two lift, ripping the frame rails out of the front wheel well, and running 35s. I'm happy with my current setup, which is running 33s, but I'm not a fan of the AP coilovers since the bumper and winch add too much weight to the front end. Oh, and I'm not sure what types of warranty problems may arise as a result of the cross member being cut, but it seems like something you definitely don't want to discover the hard way....

90010 Nitrocharger Sport Front Shocks and (1) OME Trim Packer for the driver side front are included.

NOTE: Medium and Heavy coils are certified to carry extra weight from aftermarket bumpers, winches, and accessories and should NOT be utilized unless the specified weight is already in or installed. The lift values are all averages.

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