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Far Cry The Long Drop

Reach the building using the grapplehook. Because this entrance is also locked, climb the roof and leap to the opposite side of the building. Look through the barred window and shot the door lock. Players may now enter the building after climbing back over. How to Get Overclocked Weapons in Far Cry 6

The quest for treasure The Long Drop begins in the El Este Region's sub-region of La Joya. Proceed to the treasure hunt's starting site, which is situated in the northern portion of the Santos Espinosa Dam. Read the note written on the gate of a little shed/room near the dam, as depicted in the photograph. Goal: Get to the stash.

As you go on, you'll come upon a valve on a blue pipe. This is almost the last component. Finally, go to the smaller area and press the button on the blue item. This will stop the flow of water and enable you to securely retrieve the key.

Go to the last building with the metal roof. Climb to the roof and enter via the balcony. Press the switch near the calendar, then the switch on the machine's side, and finally the valve at the rear. Press the switch near the calendar, then the switch on the machine's side, and finally the valve at the rear. Return to the body by pressing the last switch in the office.

Far Cry 6 The Long Drop

When you arrive, you will notice a tiny structure linked to a dam, with an orange box mounted to a wall to interact with and a letter to read. After reading a message, you must locate a control room and interact with panels in a methodical manner in order to open the dam.

Once inside, hit the button near the calendar, followed by the one near the door (pictures7-8). After that, turn the valve in the rear of the room (picture9). Now enter the office and shut the lock with one final button (picture10). Return to the bridge and use the grappling hook to take the key from the worker's body (pictures11-12).

Continue traveling to the opposite side of the dam till reaching a structure with a blue roof. Climb to the top of the roof, then jump onto the balcony. Dani will be able to fire through a closed door to gain access to the building. There will be a switch next to a calendar, a switch on the side of a machine, and a valve that may be manipulated within the structure. Interact with them in the following order: Turn on the calendar switch, then the machine switch, and finally the valve. Then go to the tiny room adjacent and click the button on the machine. This will reveal the closed supply room, but it will need a key to unlock. Return to the guy who fell down the cliff and use the grappling hook above him to pry the key from his grasp. Then, return to the locked storage and unlock it using the key. This completes the Long Drop hunt in Far Cry 6 and awards the Excavation Execution shotgun.

Treasure Hunts in Far Cry 6: The Long Drop (El Este) Far Cry 6 walkthrough and guide Far Cry 6: Blood Dragon This article gives a full description of The Long Drop, a Treasure Hunt accessible in the El Este area. This Far Cry 6 guide page contains a full explanation of The Long Drop Treasure Hunt, which is accessible in the El Este area.

Far Cry 6 The Long Drop Bug

While you may potentially battle all of the patrols encountered, each conflict endangers Diaz's health. It's better to wait for the patrolling enemy to leave. You must bring Diaz to the location where the horses were delivered. A cutscene will appear, completing this assignment and unlocking the following job in this questline, Tricks of the Trade.

Return to the main console and press the final buttonSo, go to the button on the wall near the entrance you entered through. Hit that, then the button on the machine's side, and finally the valve. Finally, return to the office and press the main console button. This will seal the sluice for you, allowing you to return to the shattered catwalk and locate the worker.

I've tried running this game as administrator, altering the settings in nVidia Control Panel, lowering the resolution and all the graphics settings I could find, and yet I can't make anything playable, indicating that this isn't a system performance issue. Especially considering how well this was operating lately and the fact that every other game on my machine runs flawlessly. Surely Ubisoft can do something about this? Please assist.

When attempting to accept a Co-Op invitation from a player who has previously hosted a Co-Op session on Stadia, the UI might become unresponsive. When attempting to join a Co-Op session on Stadia, gamers might get a Trapper-D1534951 error.

Far Cry 6 The Long Drop Treasure Hunt

This mission requires you to enter a secured trailer containing a number of machinery that must be triggered in order to proceed. This will unlock a canal, allowing you to get a worker key and gain access to the stockpile. This article discusses how you get the worker key in Far Cry 6 in order to quickly accomplish The Long Drop.

The lengthy drop treasure hunt is one of the more difficult ones for people who, like myself, like to hurry through the notes and misread them. This one requires paying close attention to what you're doing. The video walkthrough below will walk you through the answer to the Far Cry 6 long drop treasure hunt.

Another search in Far Cry 6 is the Long Drop Treasure puzzle. This guide has further information about it. We have already journeyed across several locations of the island of Yara in search of hidden riches, honing our military talents in the process. Long Drop Treasure is completed in the sub-region of La Joya, Region: El Este, with the primary goal of reaching the secret stockpile (150 Guerrilla XP, Excavation Execution) Shotgun.

Far Cry 6 and its treasure hunts have been a nice change of pace from the dictator toppling gameplay of the main plot route since they were implemented in the previous release. There are several of these tasks scattered around Yara, most of them are easy yet quite rewarding. This essay will concentrate on The Long Drop treasure hunt, which is found in the La Hoya district of Yara, and how to collect your prizes as quickly as can. Hunting for Treasure

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